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  • Loki Loki Feb 3, 2013 18:39 Flag

    So close to being a class side

    I really think we are close. With all the disruption at the beginning of the season I only expected a bedding in season to be honest, but I think we are actually ahead of schedule.

    With the acquisition this summer of a beast in the middle, a LB who isn't injury prone and another class centre back I really believe we will gate rash that top 4 next season and who knows? We may even do it this season!

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    • i think we missing a hard nosed player ie type of player im thinking roy keane vinny jones type player and we be fine

    • i think we missing a hard nosed player ie type of player im thinking roy keane winny jones type player and we be fine

    • I'd agree with that Loki, including the transfer target wish list. But I'd also add a key piece which is still missing, but maybe getting closer to being resolved, which is consistency.

      With such a young team, a young coach, and implementing new ideas we always knew we'd be inconsistent this season, which is why I'd not get too carried away with our chances for top 4 (even if we hope for it) finish.

      But consistency comes with time, and every time we add to the squad or tinker we are trying to find the balance that will either maintain or increase consistency but could push it the other way. But despite again a mistake costing us on Sunday, the mistakes, and while critical this time, are getting fewer and fewer.

    • Couldn't agree more. There is a real difference between us now and when we were last a good side, thinking Rafa peak. Under Rafa, we had Yossi, Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt, Carra etc playing at the absolute peak of their powers, they were never going to get any better, this side has developped a collective style of play that individuals can come in and out of with nearly all of the individuals having plenty of room for growth. Suso, Sterling, Wisdom, Henderson, Kelly, Coutihno, Sturridge, Allen, Shelvey all have so much more to give in coming years, we just need to keep the big boys happy and make a couple of key signings this summer.

    • We gave them a bloody nose of sorts we went right at them.. Why can't we do that in every game?

    • Excellent game with LFC playing at top of their game.
      Come on the LFC