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  • Nils O Nils O Feb 4, 2013 10:20 Flag

    Final nail in Reina's coffin?

    I completely agree.

    I've always thought Reina to be a decent keeper, but this season he's just not been the same.

    I don't know if he's just bored playing for us, is intentionally f**king up so we can sell him and replace him, or something along those lines.

    He's cost us a few times this season, not that we'd necessarily have won every one of those games, but even a draw is better than a loss.

    I know keepers are only human and even Joe Hart had a blip, but Reina has had like 6+ howlers this season.

    He just doesn't look interested.

    That midweek game vs Arsenal, that Walcott shot, I'm not saying he could have saved it, since it was a bullet of a shot, but atleast make an effort to get to it...

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    • Thanks Pepe and adios for me. Time for a better keeper.

      Can only hope we have our eyes on someone for the summer having lost out to Stoke and it would seem "Them" this window in the goalkeeping dept.

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      • I know there's another Reina thread, and seems most have seen enough after yesterday's incomprehensible, error.. But to then have him go out and say this (which I and many will agree, isn't so untrue) publically, after costing us the game, and then more or less praising himself by pointing out only 3 games as his fault, really is the final nail in the coffin for me.

        My money says, if he'd not made that ridiculous mistake, he would have said nothing today after having beaten the champs and moving 2 more pts closer to the top 4.

        To say he's only had 3 bad games, is absurd and really a blind and insulting comment. It's been almost 3 bad seasons now, and while he had been better of late, and did well vs Arsenal, I don't have him anywhere near the top 5 in the prem, so he can shut up and go wherever for me. Can only imagine Barca may re-consider after seeing that debalce yesterday.. Ronaldo, Ozil, Falcao etc., score those types of goals for fun..

        Again, I think he's fair in the finances and current overall squad, but when questioning the "ability" to compete, he should look in the mirror because that's an insult to other players heart and integrity, which cannot be questioned after yesterday or the past 2 diffuclt away matches..