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  • Loki Loki Feb 4, 2013 22:17 Flag

    Final nail in Reina's coffin?

    Sorry Dave I've got to disagree. We are now into the third season where Reina's standards have been less than the exemplary ones he set in his first 5 years.

    It's hard to put my finger on, but he just doesn't seem .....focused. He was winning us points at the beginning of his career with us, but now that situation is reversed totally, and it's not a one off blip in form.

    I have said before, no matter the player, whether new or a veteran, should be permitted 2 poor seasons. Pepe has had more than that on reputation, but I don't care how well you've done in the past, it's only what you do now that matters (or rather this season and last). To illustrate, where there many dissenters when Torres went. We could all see his head was elsewhere and I see the same thing in Reina.

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    • Like Loki said, and in my same opinion, he used to be amongst the class, and at times the best in the prem, regardless of the golden gloves or not. I used to never have a worry in the world with him back there, but I said it, and Loki said it.. Seems like almost 3 years now.

      I think the overall position of GK in the Prem is absolutely fantastic, no matter what team. Typically I'd say Hart is the best, but I think he's dipped slightly, though not enough, but Mignolet may lead the league in clean sheets, Begovic is amazing, and all of a sudden Julio Cesar looks like the guy who won best keeper in the world 4 years ago.. etc etc..

      His focus seems to have been lost more than anything, and he's been quoted several times about sorting his future, some mention of CL, and even Barca. If nothing else, I have a big exception to him commenting on the team's ability to compete (playing wise) after a magnificent performance, where only the most novice or poor keepers make that type of howler.. A couple of others come to mind, glaring ones.

      Much like life, all good things come to an end. I agree we have made many mistakes not replacing adequately, but I think we can do well in this regard. To be honest, not having a look at Lloris in the summer is one I'd have done, and Begovic is moving somehwere..

      There's no right or wrong here, but quite honestly, I'll be very surprised to be in Red in 2013/14, by choice of both parties..