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  • Excellent sentiments Squirl and Red but largely falling on deaf ears I fear. So, I´ll add my tuppence worth in support.

    I am also getting fed up reading endless and often lengthy diatribes on speculative potential transfer targets, BR´s shortcomings, the unsuitability of the team, the paucity of our owners etc etc etc ad infinitum.

    You can count on two hands, if not one, the congratulatory posts after we play whilst you´d need an army to count the number of carping threads and comments this board hosts every week regardless it seems of whether we do well or not.

    Come on guys, it´s fair enough to speculate and criticise but we should try to follow the old management adage of nine lots of praise for one harsh criticism.

    I know we are the supporters and not the management of LFC but it´s important to get behind what is being done to turn round our club - with some success I feel. Give the boys a break!