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  • "We are working towards a much brighter dawn, while many of the teams around us are approaching dusk. for me it feels like we are getting a head start."

    If you mean Arsenal, Spurs, Everton and Chelsea as 'the teams around us', then above comments seem like a wishful thinking to me.

    - Chelsea have revamped their squad and now have as many talented young players in their side as Liverpool's, current league standing aside I'd argue that Chelsea have more quality talented youngsters (Moses, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, etc, etc) who can only improve given time .

    - ditto Arsenal

    - ditto Spurs

    I'm not too sure about the quality of Everton's squad, so I won't comment.

    I'm fully aware that this is another unwanted 'negative' comment to add to a long list of negatives on your site, but I'm sorry I just can't resist.

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    • Is that why our U21's are the only unbeaten team in the country this season in the Barclays Premiership U21's finishing top of group 3 league with the likes of of Chelsae U21's and Man City U21's who got 18 and 10 points respectively whilst LFC were unbeaten and got the most points of any team in the 3 groups, Manure includeddwith 30 points?
      They currently now sit again unbeaten on top of the Elite League in Phase 2 again unbeaten above Spurs, Manure and Arsenal !
      Nice to see you've done your research kn@bhead !

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      • Hi Never

        To be fair to the previous poster I think he was just pointing out that other clubs have young decent first teamers too so that we shouldn't just expect the competition to get old and go away. It seemed reasonable to me.

        That said, you are spot on with the kids coming through - let's hope they keep progressing.