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  • Squirl, you are spot on with this post.

    A lot of the regular posters on here fall in to one of four categories:

    1) “Sugar Daddy Cravers” – These moan constantly about the fact that we do not have as much money to spend as Chelski and Citeh and that if only we could find a rich benefactor we could buy our way to becoming a great team. Yes, as the above teams have shown, you can buy success, but would you really want LFC to become a rich man’s play thing like them? I believe we need to work for success so that when it comes it will be all the sweeter, in the meantime if you want instant gratification, support Chelski or hire a prostitute (much the same thing really)!

    2) “Wasn’t the past grand!” – These focus on how great everything was 40 years ago and how it would all come good if we could only go back to the time of the boot room, heavy studded boots and diphtheria. They seem to ignore the fact that while our past was glorious (as it undoubtedly was) it remains the past and will not earn us one more point nor win us a single piece of silverware in the future.

    3) “Eternal moaners” – These are perhaps the hardest to understand in that they delight in finding something negative to say even when things go well, and for them every silver lining had a cloud. In the immortal words of Thumper “If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all”. In the meantime, why not see the above point re instant gratification to cheer yourselves up!
    4) “Fifth columnists” – Call me paranoid but I’m pretty certain that amongst the self-proclaimed supporters’ posting on here is a fair sprinkling of wind up merchants who are no more fans of LFC than fly. You can normally tell them by their constant digs which usually stop just short of saying LFC are @*#&!. Such pond life is usually best ignored.

    In conclusion, no one objects to genuine discussion or criticism where due and constructive but for my money a supporter supports. So when anyone next feels like having a moan, decide in advance which category you want to go in to!

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