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  • all out attack on negative 'fans' who constantly want rid of players and managers.

    these boards are getting ridiculous. there are about 5 people who have anything positive to say. The others either have there heads stuck up there nether regions, or are stuck in the 80's.

    for me, there are a lot of very promising signs in what is a rebuilding process. bringing in the right type of player, and bringing through youth to make the team play exciting, winning football. mistakes happen, it seems the luck isn't always on our side. We are working towards a much brighter dawn, while many of the teams around us are approaching dusk. for me it feels like we are getting a head start.

    knock me down for being positive, but isn't the clue in the title 'supporter'?

    .........support? look it up.

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    • Quality post Squirl, salute you sir.

      Robbed of the full six points against the title holders by silly mistakes this season but so much to be positive about (Skirtle and Reina forgiven) we finaly got that missing peice of the puzzle up front with Suarez to compliment and add a little somthing different to our front line in Sturridge.

      Can look to the immediate future with some optimism.

      Lets go for that fourth place!!!!!


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      • Excellent sentiments Squirl and Red but largely falling on deaf ears I fear. So, I´ll add my tuppence worth in support.

        I am also getting fed up reading endless and often lengthy diatribes on speculative potential transfer targets, BR´s shortcomings, the unsuitability of the team, the paucity of our owners etc etc etc ad infinitum.

        You can count on two hands, if not one, the congratulatory posts after we play whilst you´d need an army to count the number of carping threads and comments this board hosts every week regardless it seems of whether we do well or not.

        Come on guys, it´s fair enough to speculate and criticise but we should try to follow the old management adage of nine lots of praise for one harsh criticism.

        I know we are the supporters and not the management of LFC but it´s important to get behind what is being done to turn round our club - with some success I feel. Give the boys a break!

    • "We are working towards a much brighter dawn, while many of the teams around us are approaching dusk. for me it feels like we are getting a head start."

      If you mean Arsenal, Spurs, Everton and Chelsea as 'the teams around us', then above comments seem like a wishful thinking to me.

      - Chelsea have revamped their squad and now have as many talented young players in their side as Liverpool's, current league standing aside I'd argue that Chelsea have more quality talented youngsters (Moses, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, etc, etc) who can only improve given time .

      - ditto Arsenal

      - ditto Spurs

      I'm not too sure about the quality of Everton's squad, so I won't comment.

      I'm fully aware that this is another unwanted 'negative' comment to add to a long list of negatives on your site, but I'm sorry I just can't resist.

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      • Is that why our U21's are the only unbeaten team in the country this season in the Barclays Premiership U21's finishing top of group 3 league with the likes of of Chelsae U21's and Man City U21's who got 18 and 10 points respectively whilst LFC were unbeaten and got the most points of any team in the 3 groups, Manure includeddwith 30 points?
        They currently now sit again unbeaten on top of the Elite League in Phase 2 again unbeaten above Spurs, Manure and Arsenal !
        Nice to see you've done your research kn@bhead !

    • Squirl, you are spot on with this post.

      A lot of the regular posters on here fall in to one of four categories:

      1) “Sugar Daddy Cravers” – These moan constantly about the fact that we do not have as much money to spend as Chelski and Citeh and that if only we could find a rich benefactor we could buy our way to becoming a great team. Yes, as the above teams have shown, you can buy success, but would you really want LFC to become a rich man’s play thing like them? I believe we need to work for success so that when it comes it will be all the sweeter, in the meantime if you want instant gratification, support Chelski or hire a prostitute (much the same thing really)!

      2) “Wasn’t the past grand!” – These focus on how great everything was 40 years ago and how it would all come good if we could only go back to the time of the boot room, heavy studded boots and diphtheria. They seem to ignore the fact that while our past was glorious (as it undoubtedly was) it remains the past and will not earn us one more point nor win us a single piece of silverware in the future.

      3) “Eternal moaners” – These are perhaps the hardest to understand in that they delight in finding something negative to say even when things go well, and for them every silver lining had a cloud. In the immortal words of Thumper “If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all”. In the meantime, why not see the above point re instant gratification to cheer yourselves up!
      4) “Fifth columnists” – Call me paranoid but I’m pretty certain that amongst the self-proclaimed supporters’ posting on here is a fair sprinkling of wind up merchants who are no more fans of LFC than fly. You can normally tell them by their constant digs which usually stop just short of saying LFC are @*#&!. Such pond life is usually best ignored.

      In conclusion, no one objects to genuine discussion or criticism where due and constructive but for my money a supporter supports. So when anyone next feels like having a moan, decide in advance which category you want to go in to!

    • i don't like where we are at the present time but we far better off than we was 5 years ago under H&G... i class myself a real Liverpool fan. we are not the only fallen giants in English football look at Nottingham forest now them poor fans have something to moan about. but they dont they continue to support the team and dream of they glory days that will return