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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 4, 2013 11:35 Flag

    Can we really make top 4 this season?

    9 points is a hell of a gap but it certainly isn't impossible in this bizzare league. "Liverpool havent beaten a top half team" is the favourite quote at the moment but we have given every side above us lucky escapes this season, Chelsea away, Everton away, United H&A, Spurs away and the City double header have seen us play some wonderful stuff but not seal the deal. Luckily for us, we don't have an away game left against any side in the top 11and we have the 'benefit' of hosting all of our champions league competitors before the season is out.

    To do it this year would really be something special but we shouldnt detract from a good and possibly completed transitional period. If you look through the remaining fixtures, you would say that us and Arsenal have the best run ins, Spurs/Chelsea/Everton have horrendous looking runs. Don't know if it can be done but there is plenty of mileage left in this one.

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    • Not a chance.. We'd be lucky if we get in the E.L.

      Rodgers has to go.. He's clueless.

    • But if that is how you really feel, why start a thread and post multiple times you'd like Bucky sacked?

      I understand your frustration, we all feel it, but if you can have a moment of realistic reflection like above, why not try to think of those moments when you get an urge to post a knee jerk reaction?

    • No we can't IMO.

      Not only do we need to go on a run but we need THREE clubs ahead of us in the race to implode a bit as well. If it were just one club we were trying to chase down then maybe our chances would be slightly better.

      My tip for 4th is Chelsea. I think Spurs will nick 3rd and Arsenal's world will collapse completely by missing out on their ultimate prize of CL football for the first time in 200 years.....

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      • Abu if we're honest (LFC fans). then it's unreasonable to expect us to finish better than 7th.. Bearing in mind the job he had on.

        Rodgers had to clear out crappy players then bring in new ones.. then get them up to speed to his ideas.. The players we have already had to get used to his style..

        Then we were forced to play younger players as we didn't spend on good players. So with all that in mind we've been amazing.

        Next season will be exciting.. As Rodgers will get our players even more versed in his style and methodology.

      • I don't think we will, but imo, we "can"..

        Ironically, needing 3 teams in front of us to drop pts, we actually play 3 of them at home, so we have plenty of opportunities to make up points and control our destiny.

        Spurs, Everton, Chelsea all at Anfield.. The key is, can we get points, let alone win all 3..? I feel like it's been an eternity since we beat Spurs anywhere..

        We shall see. For now it's WBA, @ Zenit, Swans.. 1 at a time, steady as she goes..

      • To be honest, in a betting situation, I would have the top 7 to finish as they are with just Everton and Arsenal switching places. I appreciate that is the likelihood but it isn't over yet. We have got stronger over the course of the season as have Spurs, I would say Arsenal have been up and down with Chelsea waining and Everton starting to wag a little bit. The gap will close from 9 points but probably not enough.

    • We'll make top 4 if we stop drawing games.. We need to win several more.. We need to win the rest of our games.

    • It's possible, but I'd say not likely. That is not to say we should not be going for it, but as supporters I do think we should temper our ambitions this season and then hope to be surprised. We all know if we start telling ourselves that 4th is realistic, anything less will be deemed as failure.

    • We need to have enough depth in the squad that we can rest players and it not weaken the team.

    • We're 7th in the league it's not impossible is it?

      We just can't afford anymore slip ups..

    • Agreed, Suarez looked almost jaded I thought and certainly even more wayward than usual with some of his passing and shots. I reckon he´s fatigued.

      Maybe that wide right behind the striker role is taking too much out of him physically. He´s a wee guy after all to be trekking the length of the pitch for ninety minutes and he has only one gear - flat out!.

    • i would like too say yes but im not a dreamer next session will be our year to push on we still gelling together and we need a little more time its time fans took pressure off the players and mangers and let them gel into one monster team next session Y.N.W.A

    • Hope you are right Hobs but, realistically, I think fifth would be good given the current points situation with sixth a likely finishing spot. Problem is Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham Balespur are also playing well with youngish squads despite their more difficult run ins. What also worries me is that it´s against the mid team lot we face that many of our banana skins have shown up. We always seem to rise to the big occasions and they are now behind us.

      Dont want to be negative but it´s still a very very big ask for me to see us finish fourth. So, I suppose my answer would be "no", fourth is a bridge too far.

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      • To be honest, as I have said all along, 7th is acceptable for this season, anything more is a positive.

        I would have to say Miguel that that is how we used to be, play up to the big sides and fall against lower table sides but it seems the opposite this time around. Before the manchester and arsenal games we have beaten Norwich 5-0, Sunderland 3-0 and QPR 3-0 so it would suggest we have improved against those sort of teams.