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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 4, 2013 21:10 Flag

    Daniel Sturridge

    Actually I'd be interested in Robert's view if he's around. Seems to me we've let him off the leash and he's paid us back, while all the big money players kept him down the pecking order at Chelsea based on what looks now more reputation rather than actual ability.

    Now it seems to me either at Chelsea he was being held back by being on the bench or constantly played wide and not allowed to show how good he can be, or our system versus Chelsea's is what he need to unlock what we're currently seeing.

    Or maybe its just who he is now partnered with. To be honest I was a little afraid Daniel and Luis would clash, both wanting to be central both wanting to be the main man. However it seems they've combined veyr well, both looking for each other, both willing to drop deep, or even go wide to work the channels. Maybe the issue is with Torres (and Drogba before him) there is only room for one main man at Chelsea, which then begs the question of how Ba and Torres can partner, or is it one or the other plays not both.

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    • He's started very well for you. If he continues like this he'll be seen as a bargain.

      I noticed two issues with him at Chelsea. Three really, I suppose.

      The first was that in his early days he was wildly profligate on front of goal. I'm sure that can be put down to youth and nerves.

      The second was that he seemed to have a stinky attitude quite a lot of the time. I have a feeling that was true at City too. You'll be hoping that was imaginary or he's got over it.

      The third was he spent quite a lot of time injured. You'll be hoping to avoid that too.

      I'm sure I've said all this before. But the fact is he's started for you better than anyone would have imagined.


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      • Cheers Robert. After I read what I wrote again it looked like I was having a pop at Chelsea which was not my intent, but I was interested in your view on this one as you obviously know more about Chelsea than me.

        I understand the first, but I'm curious why he was not given more of a chance after he came back from Bolton where he really did seem to do the business.

        On the attitude side that was my one area of caution when he came to us, as he did arrive with a certain reputation. However he seems to have said all the right things (don't they all after some good PR coaching) but he's also doing the right thing.

        I know he had some injury worries at Chelsea, but did not know other than earlier this season it was extensive. On that front all we can do is keep our fingers crossed like with any player.

        One question for you, while with us he's started almost exclusively up front in the center either with Suarez wide or behind him, although during the games there is a lot of interchange with both going deep and going wide. Do you know how often (and under which manager) he started center for Chelsea? I think that was the role he played at Bolton, but I always remember for Chelsea he was played (and stayed) wide, or was expected to be an impact sub with 10 to 15 minutes left in a game, but of course I rarely see full Chelsea matches.