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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 5, 2013 16:01 Flag

    Team to face West Brom at Anfield?

    Perhaps this one could be relatively easy considering the performances in the last 2 games. WBA gave us a tonking on the season opener but it was a bizarre affair with the Gera wonder goal followed by the double penalties, sending off etc. WBA started the season fantastically then seem to have hit a rough patch though watching them against Spurs, it really did take that spitting incident to lose them the game.

    Lukaku is exactly the kind of player to trouble us, similar to Benteke, anyone that is physical with pace and agression often does, thinking Walters, Giroud and that plasterer from Oldham ;)

    Carragher has to stay in on credit for me, he has been brilliant, he is really taking his chance like a hungry kid. Remember we have an away trip to Zenit before a Swansea home fixture to account for too.


    Subs: Jones, Skrtel, Wisdom, Allen, Shelvey, Sterling, Borini

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    • If we had good players and a good manager then I'd have laid odds that we'd have won last nights game easily..

      Nowadays I'd be more likely to win the jackpot in the Lotto than LFC to win a run iof games..

      Look how how the mighty have fallen..

      FSG sack Rodgers for the good of our beloved club.. Do your research on a manager whose had continued success in the EPL in the past and appoint him.

      No more gambles on a young manager whose only ever known mid table success. As they'll only make us a midtable team.. As proven by Rodgers..

    • It has to be a win nothing less will do..

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      • Sofa,

        "IF" we win, we will be 10-9-7..

        So, "IF" that happens, we'll earn 3 points, move back into 7th, and close a little ground on one in front of us, BUT..

        What will Rodgers do then, since 9-9-9 seems his plan as you suggest?

        Do you think he will then try to intentionally draw 1, and intentionally lose 3 in his next 4 matches, so we're 10-10-10?

        Seems you were onto a pattern, and a win today, really throws a wrench into Rodgers' plan that you've caught onto..

        9-9-9 has a nice ring to it, but surely not as nice as 10-10-10!

    • Yes but was just a strain, should be fit to start on Monday

    • Agreed Jason we dropped certainly two points against City and less certainly maybe against Arsenal.

      Now, watch us drop three to West Brom! That´s the "bad predictability" we have to get rid of sharpish if we want to make real upward progress in the league.

    • We can't afford to draw or lose this game.. so I'm gonna stick my neck out.. we'll win this.

    • There is no easy game anymore these days. Oldham showed us, QPR held City and won at Chelsea, Southampton outplayed Utd @ OT, and Wigan pull off miracles year after year..

      That said, we started off bad against these guys, and they're in a bad run right now, but that's what makes it dangerous, and where we tend to have banana peels. Lukaku gave us a nightmare when he came on, while down to 10 men, and I recall Carra beaten by him a few times.

      I wouldn't be surprised if he was in, but on the flip, this is the first kick up the backside I can remember Skrtel getting, and he is too good to not get out of this, plus like you say, @ Zenit, then Swans, so I'm sure they both play and even Agger may need a blow considering his freakish health !


      Grobbelaar, Carra, Borini, Shelvey, Sterling, Allen, Assaidi (think he's been in training, if not, then Suso or Wisdom.

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      • Hi Jase, think you misinterpreted my first sentence, I was reffering to the team selection being an easy one rather then the game, on the contrary, it worries me greatly! The only times I have actually bet on us this season have been Mansfield and Norwich, that tells you I am not one for complacency!

        I absolutely agree, they are in a rut but so often over the years, we have provided the boost (or corner turn) to out of form clubs and individuals.

        I am a little stuck on the Carragher issue now, I never wanted him near the 11 before but it is so hard to appreciate vocality and organisational qualities from a tv screen or even amongst a noisy crowd. All of a sudden having been pretty decent individuals, our defence is now desperately quiet and it seems we need Carra, such a quickly fickle game! I think it would be very unfair to take Carra's starting spot away from him now without a slip up, whilst I don't really know what Skrtel had done wrong in the first place.
        If anything, neither he or Agger have been completely commanding but as you say, perhaps this is the Downing/Henderson/Enrique style kick up the butt.

        Another thing I found quite interesting was how Hendo started centrally against Arsenal with Suaro wide left then they switched roles for Man City though they both move about quite a bit.

      • GROBBELAR???? Jason. You been on the pop?

        Joking apart, I´d put Skrtl in and leave Agger on the bench. Otherwise the same.