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  • Loki Loki Feb 7, 2013 18:02 Flag

    Jamie Carragher confirms retirement

    I think Carra has been every bit as important as Stevie in his own way. Stevie leads by example, but for me, the General of this team has been Carra, screaming his head off with instructions at all the players around him.

    Who can forget the scenes of his cramp in extra time in Istanbul, when he still got up to make a block in the area even though it must have killed him to do that. Truly one of the clubs greats.

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    • ...He's a TRUE Scouser Loki.....

      ...only 50% of this board know what that means.....

    • There's 2 things I'd hope we can do in regards to Carra and this news..

      - Make the top 4, especially since he's become a more consistent part of late, and who knows down the road, maybe if we can, he might just re-consider.. If not, his contribution will still have been immense..

      - Bring him back onto the staff immediately as one of Brendan's assistants, where I think his value would absolutely rise through the sky, with his ability to teach, read, and coach the game from the back 4, while giving this info to those who are playing/competing, and not doing it himself. I can only see him getting smarter, and better, having another perspective of things

      He along with Gerrard, and that guy Owen, are the 3 reasons I became a Liverpool fan, and amongst the 4 names (Henry) I began to love the Prem and sport that much more.

      Top 4 for Carra would be a wonderful finish, even moreso now!