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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 7, 2013 14:00 Flag

    Jamie Carragher confirms retirement

    I will save my ode to Carra till the end of the season but it has definitely made me feel pretty sad. He has been in the team since I was still in my last year of school so I don't really remember LFC without him!

    Hopefully he will stay on and become a number 2 for us before taking the job he is surely made for.

    It is strange timing to announce it is his last season having just won the accolades for his performances in returning to the side, perhaps that is the point, do it whilst he is in the spotlight rather then sit on the bench and fade away. Also, I hope this makes us play a strong side in the Europa league in order to send him out on a big high.

    Lots of discussion topics, most likely see us bring in a top centre half this summer, quite possibly Ashley Williams.

    Best make the most of watching him these next 15 games!


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    • We should be united as fans especially when a tragedy takes place and there's loss of life(even though football is tribal). We love the game even though it's frustrating at times.

    • Carra's been a rock. The quality of the man is shown by the respect given him not just by Red's supporters but by opposition fans commenting. The legs grow old but the heart never changes.

    • I would expect Gerrard will be the same having spent his career at LFC.. even though he was almost poached by Chelsea.

    • Very decent of you to say these kind words. I know that you're not a Liverpool supporter , so its actually quite gratifying to hear positive words from a ( supposed ) enemy. Good on you , and thanks. No arrows or spears will be aimed at you in future. We all love this best sport on planet earth...regardless who we support.

    • Any player who in this day and age spends his entire career with one club is worthy of all the tributes he receives. Carragher has been a rock for you and like his equivalents in the utd team has his club running through his veins. Like remmah I`m sure that liverpool will continue to make use of Carragher`s knowledge and experience. May he have a lonbg and happy retirement

      As for Beckham, its sad to see a once great player hawk himself around to any club that want to boost their shirt sales.

    • I think Carra has been every bit as important as Stevie in his own way. Stevie leads by example, but for me, the General of this team has been Carra, screaming his head off with instructions at all the players around him.

      Who can forget the scenes of his cramp in extra time in Istanbul, when he still got up to make a block in the area even though it must have killed him to do that. Truly one of the clubs greats.

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      • ...He's a TRUE Scouser Loki.....

        ...only 50% of this board know what that means.....

      • There's 2 things I'd hope we can do in regards to Carra and this news..

        - Make the top 4, especially since he's become a more consistent part of late, and who knows down the road, maybe if we can, he might just re-consider.. If not, his contribution will still have been immense..

        - Bring him back onto the staff immediately as one of Brendan's assistants, where I think his value would absolutely rise through the sky, with his ability to teach, read, and coach the game from the back 4, while giving this info to those who are playing/competing, and not doing it himself. I can only see him getting smarter, and better, having another perspective of things

        He along with Gerrard, and that guy Owen, are the 3 reasons I became a Liverpool fan, and amongst the 4 names (Henry) I began to love the Prem and sport that much more.

        Top 4 for Carra would be a wonderful finish, even moreso now!

    • Sad to hear this, he's a credit to your club and a role model for youngsters.

    • It is a sad moment reading the announcement, but would rather look at it and celebrate everything he's given to the club over the years. He's won everything a club player can win other than the title. He's been a constant in the starting line up till the last couple seasons, and as we saw in our last two matches still has a lot to give. And, while I think he still has a lot to give to the club off the pitch, and no matter if that is a movement into coaching/management or in a few years, I can only say thank you.

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      • I hope the team and fans can use it to our advantage as some sort of added motivation, can you imagine the support he is going to get in every game now?! Every match will be a celebration of the great man, I hope it has a galvanising effect. It would be so sweet to see him lift the Europa league in his last ever game.

        Saw this quote from Gudjohnsen and had to pop it in here (from CL semi 2005)

        "I thought it was going in but Carragher had cloned himself, he seemed to be everywhere"

    • Sad times but it happens to everyone, perhaps Beckham is immune but I suspect he's actually a clone or something. maybe he's been at Vic's botox or something and I've underestimated the poswers of the stuff.

      Anyway I digress. It's a huge loss to us and football in general. Seldom do you see a player leave the field completely wrecked from the exertion. That was Carragher every week!

      Please Please please let Rodgers embrace his talents and bring him into the coaching staff. Lets see us develop that old mantra of appointing from within again. His true destiny and calling is obvious here.

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      • Beckham just thinks he can play forever or for any club thats stupid enough to pay his wages.

        Jamie sure could teach the defenders we have and future players..

      • It is sad but I guess probably the right time, I absolutely agree, never left an ounce of energy unused. He has been a gladiator for us, the sad news along with this is that he is 'leaving the club' also, suggesting there is no role for him at the moment. I think it might set us up nicely for another chapter in a couple of years with him returning to take the reigns in some manner. He had a bit of a Rocky story about him with the lack of technical ability but managed to stay integral due to pure hard work and determination combined with pure love for the club. I will pay a fortune to get to that testimonial!