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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 8, 2013 19:53 Flag

    Martin Kelly

    Is good news, I was a little worried he was looking for too much money considering his fitness concerns. The rumour is he is on £25k per week plus £35k bonus per game, I think that sounds like the perfect contract for him.

    I agree he will be a centre half, it might relieve a bit of tension on his injuries too with less sprinting and twisting! What it does is increase the cover at RB and CB with real quality, he has plenty of pace and can play football, perhaps he could be a perfect BR centre half.

    Either way, really happy he has signed.

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    • £35k playing bonus? J3sus wept.

      Lets hope he can stay off the treatment table. I hate class players who are always injured and up to now he's been one of them! Might Carra's announcement had something to do with this? It doesn't matter really.

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      • Thinking about that money involved, while he was ours already, that's quite a steal for a young, cultured, player of his calibre when healthy.. Key word of course..

        Regarding the injuries, seemed he was really over them, and having a very good start, and it was a torn knee, which can happen at any moment. So, fortunately it wasn't his back, or a thigh/hammy.

        Some think he should slide over to CB, where I actually think he could be an amazing RB. I've never had 1 concern defensively over there, and he's gotten better and better going forward. He's got good pace, very strong, and has shown some nice crosses and the odd shot. I think he would shift Wisdom over where he seems more natural. He doesn't offer much going forward and sometimes it causes lapses in D.

        Either way, once Coates (staying/going) is sorted, or a replacement brought in, we'll have great options back there, even if one leaves, which I get this feeling, will be Skrtel..

        But for now, great news now and moving forward.