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  • Loki Loki Feb 8, 2013 23:19 Flag

    Martin Kelly

    £35k playing bonus? J3sus wept.

    Lets hope he can stay off the treatment table. I hate class players who are always injured and up to now he's been one of them! Might Carra's announcement had something to do with this? It doesn't matter really.

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    • Thinking about that money involved, while he was ours already, that's quite a steal for a young, cultured, player of his calibre when healthy.. Key word of course..

      Regarding the injuries, seemed he was really over them, and having a very good start, and it was a torn knee, which can happen at any moment. So, fortunately it wasn't his back, or a thigh/hammy.

      Some think he should slide over to CB, where I actually think he could be an amazing RB. I've never had 1 concern defensively over there, and he's gotten better and better going forward. He's got good pace, very strong, and has shown some nice crosses and the odd shot. I think he would shift Wisdom over where he seems more natural. He doesn't offer much going forward and sometimes it causes lapses in D.

      Either way, once Coates (staying/going) is sorted, or a replacement brought in, we'll have great options back there, even if one leaves, which I get this feeling, will be Skrtel..

      But for now, great news now and moving forward.