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  • Jason Jason Feb 8, 2013 18:49 Flag

    Martin Kelly

    Great news that he's just comitted his future and signed a new deal with the club, especially after there had been some rumblings he turned down an offer, and was asking for crazy wages.


    I love Kelly, think he's a fantastic player, and when healthy, as good as any defender we have. Some think he'll go to CB, I actually think he will, or should stay at RB because of his freakish size and ability. He does get forward quite well, and I think that would allow Wisdom to go back to CB where he seems more natural..

    From a bigger perspective of things, I view this as a positive, and sign of things progressing in the right direction. You can never predict the summer and what may happen in a year, but as of now, Suarez, Shelvey, Agger, Skrtel, Wisdom, Sterling, Suso, Kelly have all extended their existing deals, and we've added long term contracts for new players in Sturridge, Borini, Allen, Coutinho, Assaidi, Yesil ..

    Seems there's a real sense of pride and belief, especially for the young lads who are also Liverpool through and through, but the others as well..


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