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  • Colyn Colyn Feb 11, 2013 14:16 Flag

    The Final Run In...

    The thread is a good one but like so many they lose their way a bit.

    You're right, the club has a real opportunity to push forward and really demonstrate that what they're trying to do is right and really set a good solid foundation to move even further forward.

    It's actually a critical time. Lose our way now and the damage will be very hard to repair with the Armchairs of the world really gunning for Rodgers head. Get it right and really put some pressure on those above us and people will look at it and maybe realise that there's something worth carrying on with.

    4th would be nice and its possible but I'd be both ecstatic and very surprised if we go there. Things would really start to reopen for the club. I just hope that the players can really switch on to it and pick it up another step.