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  • Jason Jason Feb 9, 2013 18:14 Flag

    The Final Run In...

    13 Games left, basically the final 3rd to go to the finish line.. Obviously talks of where we want to be, where we hope to be and how the season will be defined..

    Alot of looking at the fixture list going forward w/ who we have left, vs who we've already played, and I'm sure everyone agrees there is no easy fixture in this league

    That said, I think the teams we may see on paper (while we're all realists) appear lighter, which if just paper, is true, but after watching some teams of late really finding some kind of form such as: Reading, Southampton (beating City now), along with Swans, Newcastle-France and the unpredictable Fulham/West Brom/Wigan, they are just as difficult as the past 2 we've had @ Arsenal and City..

    These teams will be fighting for their lives, and survival in the prem, which also carries MASSIVE financial implications with the new Tv rights, and FFP starting to set in, and they're going to do whatever is necessary to get points, whether it be park the bus, or play wide open, guns blazing..

    This final third, with the squad we now have, a better understanding within the players and the system, Rodgers having adjusted his thinking/approach, will really define not only where we end the season, but what progress we'll have made, and leading into next season..

    Consistency might be the word we look back on this season, either finding it, or lacking it.. I'm excited about the new players, our attacking style, the young lads, but at the same time, I'm so extremely nervous about this run in. And it's not even due to Rodgers and this squad, it seems it's been a theme for the past few years, just lacking results where we should have gotten them.

    Viewing every game as a cup match, and winner takes all.. From reading all the player interviews, and always hearing Brendan's positive talk, makes me believe, but the question is, will they do it?

    I love the excitement, but could sure do without the butterflies .. Looking UP !

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    • Well as player manager I expect he had his kit on underneath.

    • Agreed Colyn.. And despite the sarcasm at times, which if read correctly, is basically showing my support of the situation and Rodgers.. Not "unwavering" or "blind", but because of my own personal preference in things he says, does and believes in, on top of what I envisioned he could do, after what he achieved w/ Swans, which was a few points shy of surpassing us last year!

      I don't believe in a 1 man show, unless the "man" is Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Suarez (until recently w Danny/Stevie), Cavani, Falcao etc, so it's not about "him" (Rodgers), but more about "them"..

      If they lose these next 2 matches, he's under severe pressure as the season winds down, and while that would disgust and anger me, my understanding is that he'll still be the manager, but winning the next two, or if we had to settle for 4 pts, would continue the progression.

      The squad we have today, now after January ins / outs, and in terms of improvement on individual basis, ie - Downing, Henderson, Enrique, even Suarez in finishing, would beat last year's team, and I feel confident and excited when they step on the pitch.

      Even if let's say Rodger is gone, but the core of this team stays, I can't help but see great things over the next 2-3 years based on quality, growth of the youth, and ideally the tactics applied..

      4th is not out of the question at all, how likely it is, is another story because 5 teams hold their own fate, and only 2 will get there, assuming the Macini's don't lose all the way out, which based on their performance at Southampton isn't so outragous. On a side note, they are an absolute mess.. They've regressed and failed on all fronts, barring a league miracle.. The way we played them and should have won, says alot for me!

    • The thread is a good one but like so many they lose their way a bit.

      You're right, the club has a real opportunity to push forward and really demonstrate that what they're trying to do is right and really set a good solid foundation to move even further forward.

      It's actually a critical time. Lose our way now and the damage will be very hard to repair with the Armchairs of the world really gunning for Rodgers head. Get it right and really put some pressure on those above us and people will look at it and maybe realise that there's something worth carrying on with.

      4th would be nice and its possible but I'd be both ecstatic and very surprised if we go there. Things would really start to reopen for the club. I just hope that the players can really switch on to it and pick it up another step.

    • I really had some good intentions with the topic of the thread, and although it's mostly gone out the window, I'd like to give special thanks to:

      Colyn, Hobs and Loki (sorry fellas Loki wins).. I don't use the term LOL ever, but I sure did LOL after those 3 responses..

      God bless you for your patience, humor and saying what I cannot force myself to.. I actually try to fight through it, I really do!

    • I recall the 1st time round when Kenny was LFC manager, he'd wear a LFC tracksuit and sports shoes or even football boots with a managers jacket on.. on matchdays.

    • My team always joke I should turn up in a suit and scarf. Ironically, last weekend the oppositions manager turned up in a Bentley wearing pinstripes, loafers and a very expensive looking coat, it just made him look even sillier leaning over the railings watching his team of hungover inbreds get a hammering.

      If your not wearing a tracksuit, you should be wearing a comically huge puffer jacket with a hat, whatever the weather.

    • You should tie that wheelchair to the back of a train and do us all a favour.

    • Armchair - just how is Rodgers going to engineer this?

      In his team talk does he say 'Right lads, we had a win last week, a draw the week before, its time for a loss to make it even'?????????

      What you're saying is that he is as bent as an Arab's dagger!

      I actually worry for you. I sincerely hope that you dont have to make any decisions in your life and they are made for you, because your lack of mental capacity is........staggering! I can understand why some think you are not an LFC fan (I'm not one of them) - because its not just your total lack of support for the owners manager and team, it's the complete and utter nonsense you come out with.

    • I think managers / coaches should be dressed in tracksuits at matchdays.. as you say they're not bank managers.

      They should keep the suits for meetings with the board exec's.

    • Armchair. You'e just peaked. That's the best I've heard from you yet. Do you happen to play Black Sabbath albums backwards?

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