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  • Jason Jason Feb 10, 2013 22:34 Flag

    unfortunately a favour from Them

    I agree with you guys, it's a very painful pill to swallow, especially today's match, where even a draw didn't help much.

    But, for as good, or at least "consistent" as they've been, while riding the incredible form of RVP and now "him" after injury, City have been equally inconsistent, and imo, absolutely terrible considering what they have at their disposal.

    Chelsea gave them a good match, and might do at OT, and Spurs really took it to them, as did Everton early on, but aside from that, I think our 2-1 losses, and Southampton have been the sides troubling "them" most this season, in addition to Spurs and Chelsea.

    I don't care about the point gap personally when considering the rivalry, because we've played them in closely contested matches for the past 3 years regardless of who played/managed, and I felt we dropped at least 1 point at Anfield, and perhaps could have gained 1 late on at Old Toilet.

    We're miles off on points, world wide name/value, and overall quality in starters and depth, but on the pitch, I don't think we're miles apart. Suarez is matching Rvp, and Gerrard is in form I can't remember since 08/09, with Sturridge really blossoming.

    We need to see how this season plays out, and worry about our own "consistency", but IMO, with 3 good additions, and none or very few departures this summer, that gap could close very quickly.

    They still have Arsenal, City, Chelsea and 1-2 other banana peels, so anything is possible, but it seems they could win by minimum of 6, max near 20, but what will ultimately do it for them, was their undoing last year. Goal differential. Even if City caught them, they are just not scoring enough. It's a shame Chelsea aren't closer..

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