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  • Jason Jason Feb 11, 2013 21:01 Flag

    The 2nd Half Jitters.. WBA

    Knew this game was always going to be tough and tightly contested, regardless of WBA's form of late. I believe it was Spurs last for them? They gave whoever it was a hell of a time on the road, and took a miraculous comeback from Reading w/ 3 late goals to lose a shocker..

    West Brom are like Stoke to me on the schedule, I genuinely detest seeing/playing them.

    This said, I think for the most part, we've been absolutely the far better side, and unlucky w/ Agger missing 2 headers. I think the biggest difference can be seen by the lack of Sturridge, and it's amazing to see how important and big of a player he'd become for us. Several low crosses and balls in the box with nobody to get on the end of them..

    Suarez is drifting all over the place, and hasn't really featured centrally in a few weeks now, so I'd think Shelvey would have to be the first to make way for Sterling, or maybe Coutinho to get natural width/creativity on each side..

    While in our last 3 home games, we've won 12-0, the issues the past sesasons have been the longer we don't score, especially into the 2nd half, we get nervous and often concede a silly goal from a mistake, or counter.

    I am concerned if we go down 0-1, we start to press and get caught, like that disastrous Aston Villa match.

    Hoping for a 2nd half goal fest (or a 1-0 will do). 3 points are 3 points, don't care who or how!

    BTW, Robbie Fowler looks like he put just a "wee" bit of weight... Ahhh Robbie!!

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    • I am not sure changing a manager will help.
      Somehow, the players just do not have a mean streak in them. It is in the collective psyche of the players.
      A team who comes back often from a goal down will believe it can be done. One who does not, start to doubt themselves when they go behind. It is a vicious cycle. The longer it goes on, the greater the doubt.
      How many times did we come from behind to win a game? Maybe once this year, against WHU.

    • Soh it was obvious several months ago how things were gonna pan out. Rodgers simply should be sacked and FSG need to get in a manager who knows what to do in order to make us great again.. Rodgers is only gonna make LFC a mediocre team.

      So he needs sacking by the end of the season I hope FSG are lining up candidates for our long term success!!

    • I am beginning to see Rodgers losing the plot. A rant for the Oldham loss, praise for 2 draws (both we should have won, 2-0 up in one!) and now praise for a 0-2 home defeat against a side with no clean sheet in 29 games (since Liverpool!). Rodgers says it was 'one of those days', I guess like Villa, Stoke, WBA, and a number of others. This mentality was evident under Rafa. It always seemed to be 'well we gave them a good game even though we lost'. And how can he say he wants top 4 but then accepts a result like tonight? And how does Shelvey, Henderson, Downing and Borini get to put on that RED shirt, a real insult I think!

    • I notice that every time the players and manager go on record and talk up our chances of top 4, or when we were expected to win easily, we will slip up. Very frustrating. It is almost up the team cannot live up to its own expectation or that the favourite tag is too heavy around the neck.
      Sigh. Look forward to next season. This one is done.

    • Rodgers has to go.. We're shockinglly bad !!

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      • I said we´d lose this a week ago. We were due on of those awful backward steps and here it was.

        21 attempts at goal v 3 by WBA says it all. We couldn´t score to save our lives never mind get three points.

        That´s fourth definitely gone and seventh looking likely only if we promptly halt this latest rot.

        Enrique was generally terrible, Johnson not on song, Gerrard wayward, Suarez all over the place and ineffective etc etc. At times we looked like we were just not interested.

        I reckon we could have had 40 shots and Foster would have saved ten of them. We just can´t score against him. Pepe? Well just about average bar one good fingertip save.

        Pathetic performance and please....no excuses please Brendan. Just do something about it!!

    • You could just see that WBA goal coming couldn't you?

      Story of our feckin lives. 20 shots to nil, missed penalty, straight up the other end - goal.