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  • Hi psredpool,

    Sorry for a belated response.

    As I highlighted in my opening post, most footballers cheat. In fact, I was ashamed and felt badly for WBA when Cazorla dived against them early in the season at the Emirates. Being an isolated incident in his game, I was able to forgive Cazorla on that occasion but what he did was wrong and uncalled for as we were on top of WBA at the time. Even though we won the match but I felt that the 3 points was tainted as a result of cheating.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to singled one Suarez unfairly for criticism, but what I dislike about him is the constant bickering to the officials, trying to gain advantage unfairly when playing and electing to go down at any slightest of touch on him. Strangely enough, I was watching the African of Nations final on Sunday between Nigeria and Burkina Faso. An incident happened in Burkina Faso's penalty box leading up to Nigeria's match winning goal when Victor Moses was clattered by one of the Burkina Faso's defenders. Moses could have easily gone down and nobody would blame the referee for awarding a penalty kick, in fact the commentators said that he should have done that to earn his side a penalty, but Moses didn't and tried to stay on his feet. And they were rewarded for his honesty.

    I'm not disputing the fact that there's a nudge in his back, but for me he played for the penalty by sandwiching himself between the two defenders which is another form of cheating in my book.

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    • Hi Jee Roo

      I'm sorry if I misunderstood your post - I agree that Suarez certainly bickers too much (as do many players).

      It's interesting that you highlight Victor Moses staying on his feet when he could have gone down. Suarez did the same thing against Norwich and that seems to have gone largely unrecognised. Indeed, in the same game - different incident - Suarez got clattered by a Norwich defender, didn't get the decision and then the same defender tried to get him booked for a "dive". That's every bit as offensive to me as Suarez's dive against Stoke (don't get me started on Huth's stamp on him in the same game).

      I know I sound like an apologist for Suarez and I'm really not. I was fairly outspoken against him during the Evra thing and freely admit he cheats. It's just that the media in particular seem to want to pretend that it's only him which just encourages us to turn a blind eye to all the other forms of cheating in our game. Remember the laughs & smiles that greeted Neville's blatant dive against Liverpool and you can see that Suarez isn't being treated in the same way.

      ps. Don't feel too bad for WBA on the Cazorla thing, Ridgewell dived for them to win a penalty at Sunderland the week before! Just goes to prove my point - it's not just one guy.

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      • Hi psredpool,

        I think you're defending the indefensible here. You forgot his recent admission of diving which the club distanced themselves from. Look at the way he celebrated immediately after cheating Ghana in the world cup, obviously it looked 'normal' to him.

        The main difference between the players you highlighted who have also cheated and Suarez is his track record on cheating.

        I'm not making any excuse for cheating but Ridgewell, Neville, Cazorla, and the unnamed Norwich defender incidents can be put down as moment of madness for them, but it would be difficult to defend Suarez's antics using the same yardstick.