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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 12, 2013 16:16 Flag

    Luis Suarez

    Robert I'd agree with your second example but not the first. Players appealing for penalty I don't find that particularly unsavory, especially as it was not exactly a major outcry, he just put his hands up in the air, which as PS said seems to be a reflex of most strikers who go down in the box whether there is contact or not, or if contact is legal or a foul.

    I don't however like the clapping, although in this particular case since he went down as if the meat between the WBA CB sandwich I do think he is allowed to feel the decision went against him. Actually ironic that it was McAuly who helped him up and laughed at the clapping, and actually appealed to the ref not to give Suarez a card as he saw the funny side of the gesture rather than a cautioning offense.

    But as you are so interested on LFC supporters documenting instances of disgust with our player I'm wondering when was the last time you posted about your disgust about a Chelsea player? Care to share?