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  • This guy is an out- and out cheat. I'm aware that most players cheat but Suarez's incessant cheating is ridiculous.

    How he can go down like that to con the referee like he has been shot is unbelievable.

    Thank goodness justice was done when Foster saved the soft penalty awarded.

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    • Hi Jee-Roo

      He's certainly cheated in the past (as has pretty much every professional footballer) but if you're going to call him a cheat for feeling a nudge in the back and going to ground, then I think you should be complaining about many others.

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      • Hi psredpool,

        Sorry for a belated response.

        As I highlighted in my opening post, most footballers cheat. In fact, I was ashamed and felt badly for WBA when Cazorla dived against them early in the season at the Emirates. Being an isolated incident in his game, I was able to forgive Cazorla on that occasion but what he did was wrong and uncalled for as we were on top of WBA at the time. Even though we won the match but I felt that the 3 points was tainted as a result of cheating.

        Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to singled one Suarez unfairly for criticism, but what I dislike about him is the constant bickering to the officials, trying to gain advantage unfairly when playing and electing to go down at any slightest of touch on him. Strangely enough, I was watching the African of Nations final on Sunday between Nigeria and Burkina Faso. An incident happened in Burkina Faso's penalty box leading up to Nigeria's match winning goal when Victor Moses was clattered by one of the Burkina Faso's defenders. Moses could have easily gone down and nobody would blame the referee for awarding a penalty kick, in fact the commentators said that he should have done that to earn his side a penalty, but Moses didn't and tried to stay on his feet. And they were rewarded for his honesty.

        I'm not disputing the fact that there's a nudge in his back, but for me he played for the penalty by sandwiching himself between the two defenders which is another form of cheating in my book.

    • I am seeing more and more posts from Reds on other forums deploring this guy. He wears the shirt but he discredits it so many times with his antics. Tonight again was no different.

      He is an exceptional player. But I find myself disliking him more and more with each unsavoury incident.

    • Guys

      Any form of cheating is both undesirable and unacceptable. Suarez is of course a high profile player who is certainly far from alone in cheating but who is more "newsworthy" than less highly profiled players. Hence the circus which commences after every "Suarez" episode and not every time a player cheats, which is all too often week in week out

      So, no defending Suarez here from me. That said, perhaps it would be more balanced , if un-newsworthy, to highlight these incidents every time they occur? I think perhaps morally yes but in reality it ain´t going to happen!

    • Hi Robert

      What upsets you seems very specific. You find it very unsavoury that Suarez claps an official and yet players who you can see are telling the officials to "F*ck O**" are ok?

      Suarez gets a shoulder in his back from a defender trying to put him off and goes to ground claiming a foul and that's very upsetting. The same thing happens week in week out in the middle of the park and that's ok?

      Somehow Robert, I think your more offended by the person involved than you are by the what as actually happened. In the same way that an incident in which most professionals seem to have accepted was accidental, you thought that Suarez deliberately punched the ball in against Mansfield.

      Believe me, if Suarez really had done anything wrong against WBA we wouldn't have heard the last of it by now - as in the Mansfield incident, the media and certain fans think anything involving Suarez must be "unsavoury". I disappointed but not surprised you can't see that.

    • So those things aren't unsavoury? Or they aren't unsavoury when Suarez does them? Or they are unsavoury when Suarez does them but you think it shouldn't be said?


    • If you're going to ask me questions that I've just answered then this might turn into a lengthy thread!

      "Honestly Robert - not really" - was my answer.

      Maybe that is because I've gotten used to it as I see it every time I watch a football match (Liverpool or not). So, no, it's not Liverpool/Suarez dependant.

      How about you - do you find those things unsavoury? And if so, are they still unsavoury when a Chelsea player does them? Or are they unsavoury when a Chelsea player does them but you think it shouldn't be said?

    • Thanks for the honest reply.

      I agree it wasn't a dive. It sort of begs the question I posed earlier - if it wasn't a dive, Liverpool didn't convert the penalty and WBA went on to win the game, why do you suppose that the Sky interviewer asked three questions on the subject? That's really the point I've been trying to make.

      Also, if you get annoyed by Suarez going over with the slightest knock, you must have hated watching Drogba play!

    • Well, you may be right on that. Suarez's antics attract attention because of his past. Also, this is the Liverpool board rather than the West Brom board.

      Mind you, it's not just fans of other clubs who think his negative attributes are noteworthy.


    • Actually Robert I don't think you answered that, or at least I don't feel satisfactory.

      You said you've commented on Chelsea players before but would be happy to discuss further if I'd like, or words to that effect.

      I actually would like to discuss, and as I don't watch many Chelsea games I can't give you examples, which I why I ask you to provide the last time you discussed Chelsea in the context of unsavory behavior as I honestly don't recall.

      So I'll just wait for your examples so we can begin the discussion you say you'd like to have.

    • To ask you a variation of the question you asked abu_pres, was there nothing in the match about Suarez you found unsavoury?


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