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  • Paddy Paddy Feb 12, 2013 08:09 Flag

    Sack Rodgers!

    Sorry - that was just to get your attention ;-)

    I actually want to talk about set-plays - corners in particular.

    It appears to me that we don't score enough goals from corners/other set plays. I don't have stats to back this up - does anyone? - and it could just be an illusion, but for years now everytime there is a corner I have no expectation of a goal. We certainly seem to get lots of corners from our style of play and we have players who can deliver as well as anyone so it would seem an obvious opportunity to score more goals.

    If I'm right - is the lack cutting edge in this respect down to coaching or players?

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    • According to this old but still relevant article it's not just us. Corners simply don't create that many goals across all leagues in Europe. http://www.soccerbythenumbers.com/2011/05/why-goal-value-of-corners-is-almost.html

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      • Good thing my screen froze while trying to post and then yours came up first mr hot dog.. interesting stats.. Like Colyn said, I also much prefer to tear someone apart from open play, and on our days, esp at Anfield prior to yesterday had done so 12-0 in last three, but here was my post before freezing:

        It's ironic that I think we used to be really quite lethal, at least on a percentage basis, when we had Torres and he was in his prime. Some say we lacked a big forward, while he was there, we lacked a good forward to back him up, but his aerial ability, and glanced headers were magnificent.

        To back him up, we had Skrtel and/or Agger, depending who Rafa felt inclined to play, usually Skrtel, and sometimes Hyppiia as well. Arbeloa was not too bad, and is taller than Glen.

        For me regards to the corners, we're far worse at defending them right now, then scoring. I think everyone and their mother knew/felt that goal coming on their first shot 80" into the match on that Olsson corner.. it was 18 shots to 0 at that point..

        With Skrtel either in awful form, in the dog house, or perhaps not fully fit, we're missing the best of the lot we have because he attacks the ball and has scored some bullets, and also seems to have a great idea on glancing them in ..

        Even more problematic for me and in this topic is, our lack of anything on the free kicks, particularly in dangerous areas, where we see the Bale's, Mata's, Van Persie's of the league put them in on a decent basis, if not forcing the keeper to work and parrying it to danger. I can't recall Stevie's last free kick goal, Suarez is very good, but none lately, Downing missed all together yesterday where he had to work Foster, and Suso who can really hit one, doesn't feature anymore. Coutinho is a brilliant talent on the ball so maybe he will help like Hobsey said.

        It was so evident how badly we missed Danny yesterday with several low crosses gone begging, and a few goal mouth scrambles and nobody really there. Borini could have/should poked one home, and his confidence is so low, it's scary.. He's talented but it means little w/o confidence.. Shelvey had one where he was offisides, rightly called, and also found himself offsides another 4 times which drove me insane.. he simply was not in it mentally..

        We've got to work with what we have, but perhaps changing the idea on the corners, to have them go wide and let players like Glen/Stevie/Jordan strike or chip them, would be better, but also, this summer, we need to explore another striker.

        It's talk for another day, and of course the Suarez rumors will circle, so the only way (unless he asks) we let him go is for 50-60M, and then pick up his pal, the Italian named Uruguayan, but since I don't see either happening, a real go at Damaio. He's the business.. and for 20 or less, good business..

    • I think you may have a point, and while I don't have the numbers either it seems to me our best chances from corners are when we play it short, rather than the traditional trying to pick out a big man in the box.

      Now it might be down to players as while we've got a few who are handy with the head, none are truly dominant (no more Carroll, no more Sami). Traditional headers at set pieces come from the back line, and while Agger and Skrtel are decent they are much better with their feet than heads imo, and of course we can talk about Cara's qualities, but goal scoring is not one of them!

      Maybe coaching would help. Drill enough and I'm sure it would get some results. However while I've never managed a prem team obviously, like others I have managed other things, and it’s usually mostly about working out priorities. So my question here is would extra time drilling set plays diminish the training that actually helps generate all those corners?

      We get lots of corners because we get the ball forward and attack our opponents goal. Those corners are generated from deflected or saved shots, or crosses and wing play the opponents put out behind the goal. So I'm just wondering would we earn as many corners if we drilled less on how to get the ball into the box from open play and focused more on what to do when we earn the corner?

      Now I'm not saying we can't do better, and some extra drilling maybe in order. However other than bringing back Carroll, or buying in a giant CB with a wood head, and then drilling set plays as much as Stoke do, I'm not sure we'll get more out of corners drills versus spending some time working out how to turn all the open play chances we generate into actual goals rather than corner kicks.

    • I definitely agree. I think we are always going to concede at set plays and never think we will get anything from them. I think we had 247 corners last night without doing too much. Not always the case but only Dan Agger can head the ball out of the team last night, once you have Ollson picking him up, it is pretty much nullified. We are a very short side now as well, we used to be a team of giants. I hear Coutinho is a mean corner taker and decent free kicker so hopefully that may help.

    • I think we're lacking in many set plays.. Corners, free kicks even penalties..

      Much of which could've & should've won us many games..

      As for your thread title.. FSG need to be thinking hard about whether or not Rodgers still is good enough for LFC?

      Personally I think he lacks the skills to vary his tactics and player selection. Hsrdly the manager we need at a club like ours..