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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 13, 2013 02:17 Flag

    Game over after WBA

    Does that really make any sense?

    Okay so it’s a game by game evaluation, so after the home defeat by Villa he deserved the axe, but the good form (with the exception of last night of course) since would ensure he is retained. But surely if you've already sacked him you'd never get the good form which was the reaction to the defeat. So it would be a shame if FSG actually followed your current advise in in fact BR could engineer a similar reaction in our next run of games.

    On the raise the game observation, I think you mate might have this one upside down also. Seems to me the endless press criticism is that we've not won against a team ahead of us in the table, which in itself seems a bit strange as most clubs don't do as well against teams who are consistently better than them and therefore ahead in the table.

    But I'd ask your mate how he explains the Norwich result, or results against the likes of Fulham or Sunderland. Maybe ask him if he's just reading old newspapers but not watching current matches?