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  • rrichards rrichards Feb 12, 2013 15:13 Flag

    Game over after WBA

    If it's only taken you till last night top realise that there's no hope for a place in the top four you must have in self induced coma for the past 6 months.. 10th place seem about right..

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    • I still think that 7th is achievable, but 7th or 10th ......whatever, at least we're in the top half of the table. Dunno how people are going to live without any European involvement and income next year, but getting back is going to be quite difficult and is going to involve far more serious participation in the Cups than we managed this year. Sorry to say this, but being an old ar@e I'm glad for having "been there" in the mid 60's to the mid 2000's 'cos I fear we shall never pass this way again.

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      • Ron J...yes mate me too glad I was there for the SUCCESS that was mid 60ies to early 90ies. Man for man from Manager through the positions on the field most of what we have is just a pale shadow od what he had back in those daze eh. with the sole exceptions of Stevie and Louis Suarez nobody else ids good enough to have regularly made the starting roster for any of those teams over those yrs.