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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 12, 2013 10:25 Flag

    Game over after WBA

    I think it is fair to say that it is now curtains for our top 4 hopes, only major collapses are going to rekindle any hope of making up the ground. We need Tottenham to lose 4 games and us to remain perfect, that just is not going to happen, even if it did, w would need similar from Arsenal.

    It was such a frustrating night, A bit like watching us earlier in the season or even last season. All huff and puff, creating plenty of chances but not the best chances, all pressured, forced efforts with very little free flow. Suarez was absolutely awful in terms of finishing, he is some player, a phenominal talent, but he does need 10 chances to score, that is kinda crazy.

    Is it me or is it everytime we get a good player we become heavily reliant on them, as soon as we get another one the burden is passed on? Without Sturridge we looked blunt as anything.

    Now I have had my opinion turned by Downings resurgence, I thought he was excellent again last night, but he doesnt score enough goals for me, last night just highlighted that we still need a goal scoring wideman, Sterling might become one, Assaidi probably won't but we need a Nani/Di Maria style player.

    Jamie C had a great game again, Dan Agger looked great on the ball and pathetic off it, I have lost count of the amount of times he has lost his man for whatever reason in the box, he got absolutely rinsed by Lukaku when he came on too.
    He is one of my favourite players too so I am not trying to scapegoat him. Enrique looks lacking in match sharpness and to be fair, that is probably the only game this season where I thought Johnson had a stinker.

    For me, Pepe (the cynics will not remember the worldy from Mulumbu) Carra, Gerrard, Lucas and Downing turned up, the rest were pretty much hopeless. We dominated the game but couldnt convert, it becomes difficult to keep writing the same stuff!

    The problem is that the recent form had heightened expectations a bit. I said long ago that 7th or above with an improved points tally would have been a success and I have to stick by that. It is a painful old road but I would rather play like that and lose then play like WBA did last night. I think most of us have heard the manager say a few times that it needs a few windows to get a bit of turnover in playing staff and I tend to agree though lets just hope there are more Sturridges then Borini's!

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    • Our players just seem to have a lack of fighting spirit.. Even Gerrard who used to win games single handedly and would get the team fired up.. Even he can't motivate them or himself for that matter.

    • That's what I was trying to say. I actually think that putting him out wide helped a bit. It meant he could focus on staying in position. Centrally he was all over the place.

      Don't get me started on his ball control

    • I think that is a bit insulting to Kuyt! He put a monster shift in and never went missing, he just wasnt actually all that good at football! I see Borini as worse then Ngog, I would happily swap the pair of them now without a second thought!

    • Hmm I cant argue with that at all. true Downing, Suso, Sterling, Shelvey should all contribute more. I still think that is in part due to the fact that Sturridge wasn't playing. When Sturridge was on the pitch Henderson started to get goals and Gerrard too. maybe there's something in it, enough to convince me anyway.

      With regards to Kuyt I don't think his ratio would have changed much if he played centrally to be honest. He used to drive me up the wall when he would be out of position when a cross came in. That was when he did actually play centrally

    • Hi Noo Noo

      I know what you mean but just a big up for Kuyt - his ratio for us was 1 in 4 which, given he played mainly out wide, isn't too shabby.

      If Downing or Sterling could match that then we'd be a lot higher up the league.

    • I'm also convinced of the Sturridge thing. We were all moaning that we couldn't convert chances before he came. When he arrved we started to score a few, one game missing and bang, we're back to where we were. Borini reminds me of Kuyt in some ways. Runs round almost like a headless chicken but simply doesn't have that little thing that makes a striker clinical in front of goal. They may get some but they're not prolific at this level.

    • Kinda reflecting on a couple of posts in one here. We are definitely toothless without Sturridge, bizarre that this is the scenario already. At times before we bought him, we looked very good and Sterling, Downing, Johnson etc would pop up and nick a goal, that will not get us anywhere long term, you have to have that clinical ability to score when you have spells in control. Sturridge is that man, nobody else in the team is, not Suarez, not Borini. In my harsh opinon, I would cash out on Borini straight away this summer as a failed experiment and go out again for somebody else. I honestly believe we would have hammered WBA had Daniel been fit, they would have had nothing to hold onto or believe in by 80 minutes.

      Kenny part 2 was a lovely nostalgic moment in LFC, the ultimate caretaker then a honeymoon period ending second season. We played some great stuff under Kenny and yes, we had the same problem under him that we had monday night. It might not therefore suprise you to realise that every player on the pitch was in fact in Kenny's team too.

      I think there is many factors as to why he got sacked, the horrendous return on expenditure, the awful media relations, the Suarez incident, the steady and regressive league form but also quite importantly, letting one of best youth team players leave for peanuts. Also, he was never the man they wanted in the first place.

      Winning trophies is great, it buys time, deflecting marginally away from our league position whilst having a great day out but league form is the only thing that matters when you havent won it in 23 years.

    • Hobs...been saying same since BR brought this clown Borini in....waste of space...the guy is a MISTAKE...he wont make it with anybody. Hes 10 mill MISTAKE write it and him off and move on.I dont know why but thats what 30 million squid this club has blown on two duds from Roma..thinbk they should stay the f+++ away fromthis club !!!

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      • LOL, definitely avoid any italian purchases from now on in, Dossenna was another, at least he had the goals against Madrid and 'them'!

        I think maybe we should just loan him out right now, help get his confidence up whether he is sold or comes good. There is no point having him if Jonjo is playing up top in front of him, it is just stupid.

    • If it's only taken you till last night top realise that there's no hope for a place in the top four you must have in self induced coma for the past 6 months.. 10th place seem about right..

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      • I still think that 7th is achievable, but 7th or 10th ......whatever, at least we're in the top half of the table. Dunno how people are going to live without any European involvement and income next year, but getting back is going to be quite difficult and is going to involve far more serious participation in the Cups than we managed this year. Sorry to say this, but being an old ar@e I'm glad for having "been there" in the mid 60's to the mid 2000's 'cos I fear we shall never pass this way again.

    • I don't wholesale disagree with you here, but do think you’re being a little harsh.

      18 shots on the WBA goal, zero on the LFC goal up to the 80th minute. Now stats can tell you what you want to hear of course, but that tells me either we just kept tapping the ball toward Foster's goal, or West Brom put up a heck of a defensive effort. I think the truth maybe somewhere in between.

      But end of the day it came down to 3 mistakes, 2 by Agger when he lost his man at the corner, and lost Lukaku for the second, and the fact Stevie did not put away the penalty (but again a little credit to Foster).

      4th is gone, but to be honest like many people at the beginning of the season and last week I said it was a long shot. Give credit where its due - WBA for being extremely well organized (thanks Clarkie), and what I'd say was a fine performance by us up to 75th or 80th minute.

      But also be critical where it’s appropriate. That’s not about scapegoating anyone (Agger this week, Riena last week) but for me it’s the team mental strength that needs to improve. We concede a goal, or things don't go right we look fragile. It’s not about players technical ability, they are good, some very good. It’s not about tactics, they work, we create and create, and create again. But it is about confidence, that winning mentality, that belief that no matter what, we can get something out of the game. We've seen it at times this season, but too often when things go wrong, they go very wrong, and that is what we need to work on imo.

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