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  • Loki Loki Feb 12, 2013 12:49 Flag

    Still on course to improve on last year.

    I'll say it again.

    We have improved on last year and this will be proven with our final points tally. I'm sorry, but anyone who thought we were going to gatecrash the top 4 is a d!ck !!!!

    I don't look at individual results like some people. It's soooo feckin tedious hearing 'Sack Rodgers!' after every defeat. We were quite unlucky last night - who would have thought Stevie would try a side foot to his 'wrong side'?

    The clubhas undergone a massive transformation this season. We've improved the squad, blooded youngsters, got rid of some driftwood, improved commercially, know what's happening to Anfield, new manager, new way of playing etc.

    One thing was Anfield was so quiet last night. If the fans can't get up for a game how can we expect the team to respond ?

    For me, next season was always going to be the litmus test of where this team is going. And remember, we may still win a trophy!!!!

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    • Herps you're a level head which is good to see on here.

      I agree with you that the league should be our litmus test to measure progress or lack there of. Thing is we went on two cup runs last season that may have influenced last seasons total. We also had Luis banned for 8 matches.... and hit the woodwork 350 times.

      It could be argued that in the absence of the above challenges this season, scraping a few more points in the league may be at the very least expected as treading water. I agree some good signs have been seen of youth being blooded and the philosophy changing. But the mentality in the players still seems shot to me. Too brittle. That's where we desperately need to see progress IMO....

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      • Mentaility is a very good point and very true I'd say Loki. Belief too I'd say. Sadly the best way to get those is through confidence and results. But that comes from having a well balanced squad with good quality throughout.

        It's fair to say we haven't quite got that yet which does ring with Rodgers' comments on it taking a few transfer windows to address things properly. I suppose we could be guilty of asking too much too soon.

    • Jase - no I didn't think you we're giving sh!t - I don't think you do that except to some of the numpty's on here!

    • Hey Loki,

      I hope I didn't give the impression that I was.. I think he had a bad game, and couldn't quite get himself in synch, which I think was due to not playing, or starting in weeks.. No lack of effort

      I think he's been a very important figure in our season, like you say at West Ham giving us a 3-2 win, and scoring 4-5 goals in Europa..

      I'm not slagging him at all, sorry if you think that I was, just a bad return to the office for him, and I was ok with him starting since it seems Sterling has a dead leg, and in mind for Zenit/Swans (more technical and faster teams)

      As far as selection and form, BR picked what he thought was the best side and it doesn't seem like too many are upset with it. Anything else is hindsight - 20/20.

      Again, overall a baffling game for me, but came down to just 1-2 plays.. very bitter pill to swallow..

    • Jason, nobody was slagging off Shelvey's role in the West Ham win were they?

    • I won't deny it we've had some improvements behind the scenes.

      However fans focus game results on the whole..

      Yes we've had to blood players before we otherwise would.

      We also should've signed Sneijder he would've helped a lot..

      However we didn't and we stuck with young players who're finding their feet.. For what is a taxing league even on expereinced players.

      I don't envy the task Rodgers has at hand. It'll be bloody hard.. we've gotta change our mentality at the club and get away from the ideas and concepts that worked in the 1970's.. and get to grips for the future.

      I can see that hiring Rodgers was deliberate to break away from old ideas.

      However it's league form thats the bread and butter of any club and cups are a welcome bonus..

    • As for cup runs..

      I would've expected QF or SF.. Again I think thats reasonable in terms of demestic cups..

    • Is a very minor improvement in our league position, worthy of jumping up and down with glee?