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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 13, 2013 02:02 Flag

    What the manager says in public

    Loki, seems when it comes to BR for some people its "Heads I win, Tails you lose". No matter what he does its wrong! But I got a feeling he'll go ahead and do what he thinks he has to in order to get a reaction from the team. That might be a bit of yelling at some players, it might be a bit of handholding for others, but it will be based on what he thinks is needed, not what the press think he should do, and certainly not what a bunch of whiners on a message board think is the right course of action.

    Last night was a huge disappointment. But I'd say the same thing about the Villa match not so long ago, and if we get the same reaction from the lads as we did from that home embarrassment I'd be quite happy. Some are found of the saying one step forward and two backward, but it seems to me to be the other way around, and maybe a couple more steps forward than just two at a time.

    We get at a similar reaction from the lads as we did after the Villa match, then while top 4 is gone (as most who had a realistic view thought it was before the season even kicked off) then we'll more than do better than last term. We'll end on a high, and have momentum going into next season, when I still think we'll have a tough challenge to get a top 4 finish, but be in much better shape to go head to head with the 4 or 5 other clubs who are likely to place anywhere between 3rd and 7th, and feel they have a shot at a CL spot.

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    • Loki / Dave,

      Not that I really had to say it, but I am in agreeance here, not only because I personally like and support Rodgers, but he simply cannot win sometimes.. A case of Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't..

      This does not mean I agree with everything he's done, or every purchase ( I was so high at one point, now so low on Allen), but sometimes it seems he'd get the same reception if his mouth were taped shut, or if he spoke for an hour.

      This loss against WBA, despite me absolutely feeling/seeing it coming, really knocked the stuffing out of me. I've been so positive and excited all year (barring Stoke, Villa), but as I've said in a few other threads, I just can't wrap my hands around this match. We played well, but we didn't, he made good choices, but he didn't.. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's why I can't figure out what happened apart from an absolute onslaught for 80 minutes on Foster's goal..

      I will say, it seems alot of folks here after this game, seem to be raising more questions, rather than calling for his head, which doesn't mean much really until we see the finished article this season, but at least style, tactic wise, people seem like they're seeing quality product, lacking "consistency"..

      At this point in the season, now 12 games to play, Coutinho, Borini and to some extent Sturridge aside, everyone in the squad knows what's what, and what their job is. There are several terrific leaders out there, Gerrard, Carra, Lucas and even Glen.. so the inconsistency in results bothers me, and makes me step back from being in BR's corner, and just view it as, I feel sorry for the guy..

      18 shots to 0, and they get a corner, nobody marks the guy and it's in, game set match... Just like everyone here, at Anfield, watching around the world, I felt sick, and the look of horror on his face all took it out of me.

      With Sturridge not available, I think Shelvey was a good choice, especially if Sterling is fatigued or having a dead leg, and when it wasn't working he went positive all the way with Sterling and Borini, and then Coutinho who's been at the club for 5 minutes.. So I felt he threw everything but the kitchen sink out there, and with the team playing ok, but not great, it just seemed destined not to be..

      You've got to ask, at that point, regardless who it is, what more can you do? Especially after the performances at Arsenal and especially City. And, I agree, he knows what he needs/wants and will get it in the summer.. this team is not nearly the finished article. Some average pieces needing to go, youth needing to develop and better quality to come in..

      It's a jigsaw puzzle right now.. not sure who'd even want to piece it together without having 200M to spend, care free.. Ironic of it all, if we get a result at Zenit, and beat Swans, we're up to 7th in the league and a great position to the next round of a very deep Europa pool.. We shall see, I guess..