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  • colin colin Feb 14, 2013 19:08 Flag

    Sad but true.

    psred...think Mel hit it when he said Rogers is a good enough manager to not get us relegated. Think about that ? Good enough to not get us relegated ??? What...have...we...become ? Im sitting here typing this after just watching the debacle in St Petersburg. The difference between us and them tonight was in my opinion the direction in which they passed the ball whenever they had possession .Every one of their players made every good effort to get the ball moving forward and to push up behind that forwrd movement of the ball...players consantly running forward in support of the man with the ball. Whereas we...passed it back sideways back sideways sideways back oops forward sideways back...need I go on Im sure u saw it. Rogers has no gameplan he has no Plan B ...The way we are polaying wit this tici taca and I might add being a regular
    watcher of La Liga this is a VERY 3rd rate version of this style we are going NOWHERE...MID TABLE TEAM. The lads looked totally bereft out there after Hulk scored that cracker then all the spirit vanished after the seconfd goal....Rogers on the line looks the most miserable man alive...would this man and his appearance there on the line INSPIRE u ? He sure as shyte doesnt look like an inspirational character to me ...good job he wasnt in charge thzat night in Istanbul !