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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 13, 2013 10:47 Flag

    Sad but true.

    I am normally in disagreement with most of the negative things you have to say Mel but you make some really good points too and think your post is really well written and you make a good argument.

    We are definitely soft and something needs to be done about that seeming lack of character, it is a mental problem but one easily understood when you watch the players in front of you miss chance after chance.

    I believe in the footballing philosophy and he has to see if the players can adapt to and be effective in that manner, if this summer he makes the right cuts and signings then it should hopefully rectify those shortcomings, patience is painful but we have already tried and failed every other way.

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    • I know. Lets get Sam Allerdyce. He's out of contract in the Summer and he can bring back Carroll. Oh but that will mean that we'll have to sell everyone because they can't play long ball. Nevermind we can give him 6 months to sort it out. That should be enough.

      It is a good post Mel and there's some fair points but while some may think that there's an issue with "shooting down" those who don't support Rodgers the problem I see with that is that they hardly put forward a viable option or alternative.

      I'll argue that at least you can see what Rodgers is trying to do and he's one of 2 managers I can think that would have the balls to overhaul Liverpool Football club for the long term future. The other is Martinez. People may say Mourinho but he's strictly interested in his 2 year spell at any given club. After that he doesn't give a monkey.

      yes we're about as blunt as a strawbelly jelly without Sturridge but as Hobs says it was always going to be tough and atience is needed. People quickly forget the errors of previous regimes which have done very little for the long term development of the club.