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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 14, 2013 11:52 Flag

    Enter Sandman

    I woke up quite hungover from an early valentines night and clicked on this link first to utter confusion till I clicked back out and saw the threads next to each other! Is this now going to become a regular thing?! Perhaps every thread is going to need more inventive titling from now on!

    Exit light, enter night....all that kinda stuff.

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    • I think Loki and I are forming some kind of bizarre telepathic connection similar to that of Gerrard and Fernanda in 08/09, only we don't make any sense.. to anyone!

      I had no clue why he did it, and even less clue what prompted me to think of that.. Now it seems you've been dragged in.. sort of like the "Shining"..

      But, you've got to figure, Skrtel and Agger listen to much heavier ISHT than this, before they tattoo each other, bash skulls and then go play.... well, that is ..