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  • Jason Jason Feb 15, 2013 13:32 Flag

    LS7 - 2011

    Hi Ps,

    Right, like I said it was just being Devil's Advocate, but like you pointed out, he is cutting a disgusted figure, which is in part down to the overall performance last night, but often he does that and it's sometimes due to his own style, which prior to his amazing start to this campaign, has been something we've all seen.

    I personally don't think he'll ask for a move this summer without someone/something tempting him.. And, while maybe it was all a media rumor, or in fact smoke where there's fire, Pep Guardiola's agent is his own brother, who is Suarez' agent, so there's that, and the idea of going to Europe's 2nd best club at the moment (imo), is hard to turn down.

    If someone comes in for him, or he does ask for a move, we get to ask for no less than 40M which is his release clause, and why I pointed out Falcaos 48M and Cavani's 58M.. So, IF it were to happen we can stand as firm as we did on Torres and get close to 50M.. Again, not that I want it, just saying, and as for Cavani, I've resigned to never getting him a while now, he's still my favorite footballer but he says he's not leaving Napoli and father said maybe Madrid one day (vomit).

    But, all the names and replacements aside, let's say he is reverting back to the very wasteful player he has been in the past and can be, I was just emphasizing that it's strength of squad that make teams great, with 1-2 great players. While he may creat more chances than anyone we know, perhaps close to Messi, it's about what you score, not what you create. Just remember our home game last year vs Arsenal.. We kept Van Persie quiet as a mouse for the entire match, he never got a sniff, until he was delivered 2 great passes, and he took both chances, and we lost 2-1 in stoppage time..

    There is no player attainable that can create like Suarez and again I agree we couldn't directly replace that, but since it's a conclusion we're losing Reina, probably selling Downing, and Carroll to go to.. with the "IF" on Suarez, that's alot of money combined and if we could add 5 very very good players who can all create and score, in addition to adding what we lack in midfield and defense, it's a compelling argument I struggle with.

    At the moment, Sturridge and Gerrard aside, there's nobody within miles of mentioning, playing anywhere near Suarez talent or level, and I don't know we can get them or they're available, so it's becoming a dilemma already..

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    • Hi Jason

      There's a lot of that I agree with.

      I have a slightly different take on the 'squads win things' argument. I think good squards coupled with one/two worldy players win things. IMO good squads get you so far but you need special players in those squads to go all the way. Suarez is one of those special players. Van Persie is another.

      At the end of the day it depends what the owners want. JH is on record as saying he wants to return us to the top of the league. You do that by keeping your best players and adding others. You don't do it by selling the man responsible for most of your goals in a season and replacing with 3/4 squad players.

      If JH meant what he said, then the club will fight tooth and nail to hold on to LS.

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      • Ps,

        Likewise, I agree with what you've said as well and I certainly don't think Henry will be looking to sell Suarez actively, he's not sold any of our players since being the owner, that haven't basically forced their way out the door, ie Mascherano and Torres. Sadly, neither adequately replaced..

        I guess aside from the overall concept of being able to add 4-5 very very good (and I mean they'd have to be realllllly good) players, at his expense, in addition to the others who will go, I'm starting to question, is the Suarez we saw for the first 2/3 of the season, a Suarez we will see, or the one we're starting to see of recent like last year..

        If in fact he ran into form that was far beyond what he can do regularly in regards to finishing, not just creating, then I actually feel he can be replaced. If in fact, and I hope so, he's just hit a really bad patch, which also always coincides with this temperment, pension for yellows, and sometimes selfish play, then again it's an emphatic no for me.

        And I do agree that great teams have many great players with 1-2 truly special ones, so I didn't take that for granted. I guess we could ask the question of where would Utd be without Van Persie, but at the same time you could answer, the same place they've been the past 3 seasons, 1st or 2nd place with "him" being their best player, then Chich, Welbeck and very good wide players... Nobody truly great/world class, but they always win..

        I'm starting to reflect more and more on our squad now, the more we have this discussion, which probably warrants it's own thread because I'm not sure what to do & think with what we have (that doesn't belong) vs what we need..