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  • colin colin Feb 15, 2013 15:58 Flag

    LS7 - 2011

    Jason...in a word ...NO. Suarez is WORLD CLASS TALENT aside from him the only talent we still have is Stevie G . So no I dont want to see Suarez leave with the prospect of 3rd level talent coming aboard that may not work out. Sell Louis and bring in ....CAVANI !
    THEN u would be talking other tha that forget about it lets hang on to what World Class talent we still have rathe than risk ending up with a team of Jo Allen's and Borinis !
    I note no response from anyone to my posts after the debacle in Zenith where I bemoan the lack of our capacity to pass the ball in a FORWARD !!! direction ...perhaps Rogers should be forced to sit and watch replays of the game in Zenith over and over till the penny finally drops as to whichn direction the ball should be made to go in a la Zenith where every p^layer made every effort whenever in possession to propel that ball FORWARD !!! whilst his colleagues ran selflessly constantly off the ball to give him maximum options.
    I know Ive stated that Id... though I have no faith in the guy... be patient enough is enough with this guy.... IF his former club come to Anfield and hand us our ass in a bag....it surely must be time to bin this clown and hand Jamie and Stevie G the reigns jointly and see if these two Scouse heros can instill what has been lacking since Rogers arrived ....confidence and team spirit. Rogers on that touchline always looks like The Most Miserable Man Alive.....you think this guy is capable of inspiring his charges when they see him on the touchline he makes Rafa with his clipboard look like Action Man personified !