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  • Jason Jason Feb 15, 2013 18:05 Flag

    What's Going On?

    If you want my honest answer, if I personally would want any of them, yes absolutely!

    - Ashley Williams
    - Nathan Dyer
    - (if we had a chance) Scott Sinclair 10 times over and over
    - Vorm
    - And, regards to Gylfi, he's done little, but Spurs also added Dembele and Dempsey who play the same role as off the striker attackers. Based on what he did as a regular for Swansea and when available in the summer I'm sure everyone was happy with the idea, and it would have actually prevented us buying Allen most likely.. And, we have no idea how well he may have linked up playing off Suarez in between Gerrard/Lucas..

    All of these players had about 2 years under their belts in Rodgers system (ours have only 7 months!) and Laudrup is playing the exact same way, with a slight tweak in how he uses Michu..

    My thing is, not every player has to be a BIG name player or come from a BIG club to be good enough for LFC. Blackpool aren't really big in Europe and we all desperately want Tom Ince back.. And again, if given the choice, Scott Sinclair would have been a superb signing considering Downing and Sterling are our main wide attackers, and Downing as good as he ever will be, Sterling just 18.. Coutinho is really going to push them both, this season and next!