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  • Jason Jason Feb 15, 2013 16:18 Flag

    Equal Criticism of the Players..?

    As the evil American, seeing things as a MASSIVE football fan in general, on top of my passion for LFC (which I hope is truly accepted) from a different perspective sometimes, I tend to have some different views, maybe a little outside the box, sometimes a bit foreign/not so welcome, I do it with good intent for the good of the club and hopes of trying to be positive where I can be..

    The one thing I notice that is drastically different in American sport, vs Europe and elsewhere is the amount of scrutiny that is heaped on managers, but never equal amount on players.. This is something I find obviously very different, but also fascinating, and I suppose a bit confusing.

    Over here, our players are literally crucified across the media world, when they have a bad game even when there's bad coaching involved too.. It seems as if it's a bit taboo in Football..

    For me, if you're in a team or club, and in the plans, you're good enough and certainly capable of going out and doing your job after you've been given your tactics and assignment. If the job isn't carried out, or really poor, they should be held just as accountable as who chose them..

    The reason I'm saying this is because I have no problem whatsoever with players getting the hair dryer treatment, and I don't think it's enough, and there are times that Rodgers speaks and says something that gets picked apart, borderline ridiculed, I do find it very unfair for players not to be held to the same standard..

    In another thread, (and I agree it was incorrect) BR said the performance at Zenit was perfect up until a certain point, and he's been killed for it.. BUT, if you read the following, you won't have read, heard or seen anythign remotely close to the player who's said the same thing.. Surely his tenure and legacy helps, but playing in the same game that Rodgers coached, then saying the same thing makes me scratch my head..

    Jamie Carragher:
    "It's frustrating because up until they scored it was just about a perfect European night for us really," the No.23 told the Liverpool Echo.

    Isn't it a double standard? And Jamie played well too, it's not as if he played like a clueless fish out of water, who was trying to cover his own a$$..

    No, for us, it was not brilliant, but we weren't behind closed doors, so apart from missed chances and sloppy play in midfield, maybe the plan was to be a bit conservative, perhaps negative, and if that was the plan, they deemed it to be good until the 2nd goal.. (Again, I vehemtly disagree, it was bad!)