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  • Bob Bob Feb 18, 2013 16:31 Flag

    No one posting


    Looks like a balls up by our friends at Yahoo! There were plenty of posts following the match yesterday and all was right with the world until about 11.15 GMT when they switched over to the new layout. For some reason they are not displaying any posts between the 15th and the time of the switch over. It does not look like they have lost the content because if you go to the Yahoo Liverpool home page and look at the Yahoo message board box low down in the right hand column you can see the latest posts. However if you click them it does not present the thread but just takes you to the message page.

    Does this mean my words of wisdom from earlier will be lost to posterity?


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    • Yea this sucks! Dave, there were plenty of posts yesterday and unfortunately it doesn't seem that you'll be able to read any of them, and there were plenty of conversations and discussions on various things..

      Ironically, I think you'll find it humorous, that even though Swans fielded a weakened side in prep for their trip to Wembley, and we won 5-0, bringing us to 49 goals for the season vs 47 all of last season, it was primarily negative because of the WBA/Zenit results. And I do concede that we will probably not overturn Zenit, but I also enjoy living in the moment and a 5-0 thumping, which we've done 3 times now in the league, along with a 17-0 scoreline in our last 4 home wins..

      Some themes to appoint Carragher/Stevie as co-managers right now. Even one comment (take your guess) of sacking Rodgers, hiring Wenger and then re-appointing Rodgers as his assistant..

      I thought it was April Fool's day.. And you picked a bad day to return, this is really beat!

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      • jASON...this format sucks yahoo YAH BOO !!!

      • I actually saw a few yesterday on my phone, but as try to make a habit of not posting right after a match, whether a good or bad result, I did not really engage in the discussion. For me I think its too hard not to get carried away with either a good result or a poor result while the emotions are still high, so waiting for the next day usually for me puts things into perspective.

        But maybe that is not the case for everyone if they are still harping on the Zenit result. However for me there were quite a few positives to take from the match other than the result.

        Not a lot for Pepe or the backline to do, but a clean sheet will boost confidence. Coutinho breaking is duck of course, but also a lot of interplay he was the center of was good to see. But the lad does need to work on his game off the ball as what penetration the Swans had was down his side of the pitch, so he needs to develop a defensive relationship with Jose imo. Sturridge was huge and I'm glad Stevie gave up the second spot kick as it looked to me he was getting a little frustrated with all his good play not resulting in a goal when others were scoring for fun.

        But my heart also goes out to Borini. I know he's not a favorite on here, but the lad looks like he's really trying (maybe trying too much is part of his problem). I actually think I heard the crowd give him a big cheer when he went into the challenge that injured him, as it seems they appreciated the effort he was putting in trying to win the ball back so high up the pitch. I just hope the supporters stay patient with him. I don't know if ultimately he's good enough, and he may have a real battle on his hands with the new young Brazilian coming in, but he's had a nightmare first season, but imo we can't judge him till he's had a settled, injury free run at the first team.