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  • colin colin Feb 19, 2013 18:18 Flag

    Anyone for a Carra/Stevie combi to run the show ?

    Basically said all the things Im about to say here the other day but Yahoo in their wisdom managed to sabotage the board so....I think we are going nowhere with Rogers ..yes it was great to see us thump a hapless SWANS RESERVES but...so what ? Rogers believes hes reinventing the game and frankly I think all this does is generate in the end dissent on te part ,of the players hence his only wanting to sign players hes had some contact with previously . Whatnhes doing withthis 5th rate version of Barca and the Spanish national sides tici taca is like teaching the ranks of our senior pros to suck eggs. Its clear to me that the only time we seem effective as anattacking sourse is when the players abandon his ideas and play rapid pass and move and run at a defense...Suarez does it all on his own that same thing quite often he is just too good to abide by this clowns ideas.
    I believe this man cannot inspire his charges out there whereas a combi of Carra as Boss and Stevie his general and right hand man and captain down there on the pitch would have all of the playing staff giving 100% at all times no matter who the opposition was...there would be no place to hide for the shirker. Both Carra and Stevie KNOW who should be on the payrole and probably more importantly who SHOULD NOT BE.
    I have thought carefully about this before posting and feel on the back of a 5.0 win its the time to express this point of view not after yet another loss at home or a thrashing in the Euro Cup I just dont think Rogers is ever going to take this club back where it belongs so why prolong the agony let him go and make his mistakes on the job elsewhere he isnt up to thios job. If the switch to Carra was to be made asap the rest of this season might be a bit shaky but probably no more so thn right now but we would be ready for kick of next season with every memeber of playing staff chomping at the bit and ready to fight to get us back where we belong and ...INSPIRED to do so. Unlike with on the touchline right now someone who looks like The Most Miserable Man Alive...he just doesnt look capable of inspiring his charges out there on the pitch. The team reflects the manager no FIGHT no RESOLUTION no SPIRIT ubable to protect 2 goal leads and caving in soon as we are a goal down heads DOWN.This is NOT what I grew up as a kid supporting...we were ofen last minute winners of the biggest games we fought to the last second of every game I believe a combi of Carra Boss and Stevie his General and Rt Hand Man and Captain down there on the pitch would restore our SPIRIT and our SOUL which has been somehow lost amongst the shuffle of managers since Kenny's FIRST COMING as Player Manager.

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    • Got bored with reading that....... try and use proper grammar, cut out the CAPS, leave the clichés out, but most of all, stop with trying to make Gerrard the new Messiah!

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    • Colin, simple answer is no, at least not now.

      For me Carra is very likely to go into management, and from what I can tell could end up a very good manager (although you never know if you can swim until you jump in the deep end). Stevie on the other hand I'm less sure of. But even if Stevie has the touch, I just don't think either would be ready yet. I'd prefer any player wanting to go into management to ease into it by either climbing the ranks within a club - youth team, or assistant positions, or go to a smaller lower league club to learn the ropes. We're a huge club, and there is a lot more than just pep talks and training sessions to run for the modern manager, and the consequences of a simple stumble are huge, both for the manager and the club.

      But another point I'd make, which I think I may have posted to you on Saturday, before Yahoo decided to delete the weekend’s posts, was your change in position it seems. I thought you felt BR deserved at least till the end of the season, if not half of next season before we considered giving him his P45. Are you now openly advocating we sack BR? I know you had doubts about BR and have for a while, but it seems quite a shift if I read what you’re posting now, and what I assume you posted over the weekend, if you think we need rid of him now and appoint a player manager twosome in Carra/Stevie.

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      • I think that JC will be our manager one day, I think he could be a legendary manager at that too. In fact, I would go as far as to say he will suceed BR at the club whenever that time may come. But I dont think that time is now, JC will likely go away and finish his coaching badges and then take a no.2 job somewhere, if not at LFC this coming season. For me, he seems set up to be a high profile no.2, he could be the guy to shut out the mistakes and work on improving our defenders positioning and game reading abilities, those qualities will benefit the team to the same amount as him actually being the manager. I love how we play, I dont want that to change but it needs a bit of fiddling to tighten it up and change how quickly we change our shape when we lose the ball, I think he could aid that too.

        All the stuff about him on the sidelines could be benefitted by him being in the dugouts as a no.2, you can still do all the shouting from there!

    • Colin I can't help but notice that last season you were singing Kenny's praises for playing total football tactics, yet this season you bemoan Rodgers for employing tiki-taki. Tiki-taki was of course famously developed at Barcelona under the guidance of one Johan Cruyff, the same Johan Cruyff who developed totaalvoetbal at Ajax and the Dutch national side, there is only one Johan Cruyff after all. I have another name for tiki-taki and total football, it's called pass and move, developed by Shankly, made famous by Liverpool F.C.

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      • hot dogs...believe total football and tici taca to be too different species. Tici Taca was developed by Pep Guardiola as a style and executed to perfection by his Barca sides. Cruyff was never in charge long enough at Barca to bring about the same kind of revolution thatPep did. Total Football u are correct originated in Hoilland whether Cruyff originated the style Im not sure. Pass and Move was indeed implemented as our true style by Mr Shankly now we play tici taca which in essence DOES rquire u to move but we just adhere to the pass side of this style forgetting to move because everyoine is so seemingly afraid to be caught inposesssion that we just pss and then stare at the player we passed it to in case he wishes to simply pas it back to us in a sideways or backwards fashion ! ??? Mate if u back and support Rogers and where u think hes taking us its your right my point of view is enough is enough any further delay in getting rid of this horrendous mistake that he is could prove fatal .... we are going nowhere withthis man..he cannot inspire the lads. He has no spirit and the side is mirroring its manager.