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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 20, 2013 13:19 Flag

    Fiorentina want Borini!

    I agree, I think it would be unwise to sell him.

    Yes he's not lit things up since he came in, but then again he's not been on the pitch long enough for us to even see what he's capable of. Some might then call him a sick note, but a broken foot on International duty and then a freak fall are not usually the type of injuries that can plague a career.

    For me it comes down to why did we buy him in the first place, and do you trust the man who brought him in. For me we have not seen enough, but I got to assume someone at the club thought him good enough to part with the money he cost. That is a player Chelsea wanted to keep but did not re sign because he wanted first time football and someone who has been a proven goal scorer in both the Championship and Italy’s top division.

    To sell him now before he’s had a chance to settle and prove what he can actually do implies we don't trust the gaffer in which case we should keep him away from all transfer decisions. Now that might be true for some, but in so then to be honest a manager who can’t spot a decent player (even if he does make mistakes once in a while) should not be our manager.

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    • I don't really agree with you Dave, it seems you are saying if somebody wants shot off Borini then we want shot of the manager? To want Borini gone is not completely the fault of Rodgers, the player showed promise and we had no striking options at the time, it seemed pretty easy for him to bring in a player he knew from working with closely. It hasnt worked out, obviously the injuries have hampered him but half the time I have been happy that he was injured so I didnt have to endure watching him bumble around. Can he compete for Suarez or Sturridge's position? I think it is a resounding no though he is too big a player to be in our reserves. If he can't compete with our 2 strikers then what is the point? When BR brought him in their was no Sturridge so it is a slightly different situation now. Not trusting the gaffers transfer choices is neither here nor there, the best managers have made bad signings and I doubt that this one would be deemed catastrophic as I doubt he has become a £3m to £4m player just like that.

      The sounds coming from BR now is that we need a couple of experienced (not nescesarily 33 year olds) players to help balance the youngsters, to bring in a winning mentality, I think it is a good shout that a better striker is on the list.

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      • Maybe I did not clearly write what I meant. From my perspective it’s extremely hard to judge Borini, so I take comments such as "It hasn't worked out" with a huge grain of salt. For me it’s not worked out because we've not seen him. How many matches has he started? How many total minutes has he played? For me, as a fan looking in, it’s almost impossible to judge a player on his footballing ability, unless we have a chance to see him actually play football.

        However the manager does have a lot more insight. Despite the injuries he has seen a lot more of him on the training ground. He's seen how he interacts with the other players, whether there is good chemistry there or not, and what his attitude is like. However, with the exception of how he works with the players around him, as a known player to BR all of this should have been known to him well before he signed. Therefore if the manager has decided he's not good enough or won't make it at LFC, then that is something he should have known already, before what essentially has been a long protracted trial at Melwood, and a couple run out's with the first team.

        So for me if we do sell him, I think it does show a major mistake by the manager. I'm okay with the manager making the odd mistakes, we all do, but in the scheme of things, on a player he should have known very well, this would be a pretty big #$%$ up, and therefore fans suggesting that sale must take place I think does imply the manager is at fault here.

        But for me I start from the position that I assume BR knows what he's doing and does see something in Borini, which is why be bought him in the first place. We don't see it yet because we've really not seen him play much yet. End of day that does not mean I think he will work out, but till I know he won't (which I can't tell till I've seen him) I have to assume the manager was right to buy him, therefore the wise course of action is to keep him, let him heal, let him settle, and then watch him impress us, I hope.