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  • Hobitez Hobitez Feb 20, 2013 10:48 Flag

    Fiorentina want Borini!

    They have Rossi already, would seem odd as he is a similar player but I would advise to sell him if we can recoup £6m ish, they will be in the market for a striker as Jovetic seems to be getting interest from all over the place. Borini was an understandable gamble but not one that is paying off. He is clearly a player that is capable of much more then we have seen but I think we should be looking in a different direction now. Firstly, he isnt actually good enough to cover Sturridge or Suarez so we assume his role is for the future. If he is for the future then that means in a couple of years he is to be playing in front of the likes of Yesil, I cant see that either. I think he is stuck in a pointless limbo. Great shout on Gomez, can you imagine that?! I have this feeling he might pop up in the premier league but possibly City or someone a bit bigger then us right now. What have you done Loki?! That is all I can think about now, we better bloody well buy him!