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  • Loki Loki Feb 20, 2013 12:22 Flag

    Team to beat Zenit at Anfield?

    I think we will qualify for these reasons

    1) We're playing on a decent pitch
    2) Zenit still aren't fit
    3) Anfield crowd we'll scare them to death!

    I think I would start sterling instead of Hendo, but if Joe Allen is struggling Henderson should replace him at half time.

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    • I hope so mate! The pitch should be good for both sides I would think, I doubt Hulk, Witsel, Danny etc like playing on that mudbath in St Petersberg. I thought in the last game if we can hold on then the last half hour they should tire, they just seemed to get better though! That is the big hope, that they crumble under the lights, I kinda have a feeling it might encourage a few of them. I know it is the Europa league but it does have that real 'big game' feel about it, guess it is because it is this or nothing!

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      • No quibbles with that selection if it includes Hendo and not Allen. That Brazilian Hulk is just too much power for the latter to contend with. Regards the outcome, I fear they will get an away goal leaving us to score four which is just a couple maybe too far in the absence of Sturridge. Agree, if Suarez ups his score ratio, they can be got at but he is woefully wasteful and will need approx twenty attempts to score two. Just so long as he gets some support in the box and isnt left with no option but to have a shot himself. Sadly though, I guess we are going out. Hope I´m wrong