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  • Jason Jason Feb 22, 2013 00:24 Flag

    First Word

    To think at how magnificent that performance was, and how it could have actually ended up a run away victory if not for just one simple mistake by Carra who's been superb of late, and if not for the knee injury, Skrtel most likely had started..

    I thought that one single play aside, it was up there next to City as the best performance, and for those who've said we don't show enough fight or hang our heads when going down, and pin that on the manager, I don't think much can be said today, because those players literally ran themselves ragged and into the ground for 93" with a belief in themselves, each other, what they were doing and feeling that they could come back and win it.. Even as they ran out of gas, they were out of sight vs Zenit, and every single player who stepped onto the pitch was superb..

    I'm wondering if the ball going forward / attacking thing will come up after 3 straight goals and a one sided assault on Zenit's goal area for the entire match, with Joe Allen scoring a great goal, Assaidi showing some very impressive stuff when coming on, and of course BR still clinging to his job.. I hope we can keep those 3 a little longer..

    I'm not happy to be out of the cup, but I don't think we had enough squad depth without Sturridge/Coutinho/Borini available to go all the way, and it's likely that some players would have broken down with Thurs/Sunday fixtures. I haven't checked if mathematically we're eliminated from 4th, so I like to think we can, though it will take all sorts of luck, but 2 of those teams happen to still be in Europa, and 3 in front come to Anfield, and the 6 in front, all play each other, so points will be dropped and you'd like to think after these last two performances we will now see consistency starting with Wigan who have been a bogey hole for us, now reserved for West Brom..

    Unfortunate for the lads, but proud and graceful in defeat..

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