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  • "again its one silly mistake at the back that is our downfall" and Liverpool will continue to make silly mistakes until they accept that there are times when the ball needs to be booted as far away from the penalty area as possible. Tippy tappy football is all well and good but even Barcelona`s defenders know that your principles occassionally have to be sacrified.

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    • As much as it was a magnificent effort from the lads my enduring memory of this match will be the last 10 minutes or so, when needing just one more goal to succeed we wasted the time ticcy takkying about playing pretty patterns in our own first 3rd of the pitch letting them pressurize us when we should have been showing some greater urgency in getting down the field and putting the pressure on them instead. Very sad cos at 3-1 the game was there for the taking

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      • ron agree entirely with u we had them under the gun and the illadvised subbing immediately after 3rd goal lost us shape and solidity in the midfield and let them back into the game just when the game was there for the taking. Great effort by the lads but that double sub ???

      • Seriously Ron do you always have to find the black cloud? Can you not look at half a glass of water without finding a reason on why it’s only half full?

        For 80 minutes last night ticki tacki, pass and move, playing it out of the back, or call it what you will is what had kept our chances of qualifying for the next round alive. So why would we abandon what had worked and change to a strategy of hoof and hope? Is that not what we did too many times last season when chasing games resulting in relegation form in the second half of the season?

        Sometimes there is a need to put your foot through the ball, but if you need to score to get a result, you do actually need the ball, so just booting it and hoping a team mate can get on the end of it, does not seem a high probability strategy to me.

    • Oh really? Seeing as Carra was facing Pepe just how was he supposed to boot it up the field?