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  • Paddy Paddy Feb 22, 2013 08:30 Flag

    First Word

    I understand the positive posts but I would like to temper some of that. It's one thing to play champagne, blood & guts football when you have nothing to lose. It's quite another to show spine & responsibility when the tie/prize/result is still alive.

    I watched the game on telly from France and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. That said, I thought one of the most significant things from the coverage was SG's interview beforehand. The bottom line is that, unless Liverpool get into the top four, the season has been a failure and is effectively over before the 1st March. To paraphrase the skipper, if you want to be a winner you can't dress the season up any other way. His tone - which I took to be somber, realistic and almost angry - is exactly what should be reflected throughout the club.

    My fear for next season is that, unless Liverpool can convince him that they are going places in the immediate future, Suarez will engineer a move. If our season is a failure with him, what would it have looked like without him?

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    • Paddy..didnt see Stevies interview but sounds a realistic view of the season to me..feel sure FSG will sell Suarez on end of season probably to City for 40 mill cant see him staying were out of Europe probably finishing 7th no silverware dumped out of FA cup by Oldham ...I want him to stay but dont trust FSG and for that matter dont trust BR either.