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  • colin colin Feb 23, 2013 22:35 Flag

    First Word

    Dave starting to see same thing setting up on the board saw towards the end of Benitez reign.....Ron is quite simply a Liverpool FC fan of many yrs standing , like myself. No we dont necessarily agree with everything that BR says or does but it doesnt mean we arent Liverpool fans.It was a mistake to double sub the way he did he was gouing to sub before the goal even Jon Jo was surprised to be told to get on there he expected to sit back down on thebench after the goal came but....as a result we losrt shape in the midfield just where we had been pressuring them from and it cost us dearly plus agree with Ron tici taca wasnt wanted in that last ten mins what was wanted was to run at a side and take men on when they were clearly nervous and NOT let them back into the game as we unfortunately did. By all means sing the praises of BR if thats what u want but dont get on others for not joining in the chorus with u...u have u opinion of the way the match went and others have theirs isnt that what this board is about ?

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    • Colin, who's calling you and Ron non Liverpool supporters? I’m simply pointing out a difference of opinion when it comes to analysis of games, and pointing out that Ron needs imo to cheer up a bit as he really does seem to have difficultly seeing the bright side of things most of the time.

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      • David, I think most if not all of us on this board are true supporters of Liverpool beyond question, and even those who support other Clubs invariably have lots of interesting points to make. As for differences of opinion, I believe there can be as many different opinions as there are people in this World so I have no expectation that people will always agree with me. I'm always interested to read the posts, including the many which you have contributed over the past years, and confess that very occasionally I can find some common ground with you...but not very often 'cos your scripts can be so very long verbous and rambling at times that I often lose the thread of your arguement, (which could be my age). Although I can own up to being very depressed about LFCs mis-fortunes, particularly over the past 4 years or so, all is not total glum as you put it 'cos I can still raise a smile now and then. You may recall last year just before the season started Liverpool visited the USA to play in Boston, and you sent a number of messages on this board to Jason suggesting meeting up to watch the match together. I dont know if you managed to do this but I was minded at the time to post a message saying "Dont do it Jason! You wont enjoy the game at all 'cos Dave will never stop talking the whole 90 minutes".....it still gives me a chuckle. I can still see the brighter side of things, so keep up the good work!

      • Dave Ron and I have supported this club since before u and most others on this board were born and its simply that we are long enough in the tooth not to be BR Loyalists...I think neither Ron nor I are overly impressed with tici taca as a supposed reinvention of the game and prefer a bit more steel inthe side. Perhaps we prefer to risk a little of our possession and take a run at defenses and have our lads use their skills to take a man on before releasing the ball to a better positioned player.
        If u want to be happy-clappy BR to the bone fine but why suggest that people need to "cheer-up" just because they dont mirror your own incessant optimism...I know thats the American Way I lived there 17yrs and have a lot of family there so Im in no way anti American just that some of us oldsters are a deal more of the realist than some on this board.