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    First Word

    Well maybe, but then again might be the only or last word as Yahoo seems to make as hard as possible for posters to get in here.

    Before anyone moans about being kicked out of the last cup competition we're in this season, thought I'd post how well I thought the lads did tonight. I don't normally post right after the match as I prefer to reflect and not highlight the good or the bad that emotions over a match can have.

    However, tonight right tactics, well executed, positive play, positive subs, and but for a silly mistake (again its one silly mistake at the back that is our downfall) it would have worked.

    Yes there is no silverware on offer now this season, but I still say the lads should be proud, and think we are collectively moving in the right direction. Now it’s time to just focus on the league and get as high up as we can. 4th is gone, but pride and getting better as a squad is what we have to play for now.

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    • Great performance and I enjoyed a great show for the second time in 5 days form our boys. The second free kick was marvelous. I was gutted for us and for Jamie with that 1st goal but we showed great character to go close having been in such a terrible position. Was nice to see Assaidi come on, I still dont know what he has done wrong to not be involved more!

      The league games are beggining to run out but we are 10 points behind 3rd place and there are 33 points to play for including double headers and '6 pointers' so I wont be giving up hope quite yet though appreciate it is very unlikely, it would only take a defeat to Spurs or Chelsea to end it completely whilst we seem to definitely have another slip up in our pocket.

    • Dave starting to see same thing setting up on the board saw towards the end of Benitez reign.....Ron is quite simply a Liverpool FC fan of many yrs standing , like myself. No we dont necessarily agree with everything that BR says or does but it doesnt mean we arent Liverpool fans.It was a mistake to double sub the way he did he was gouing to sub before the goal even Jon Jo was surprised to be told to get on there he expected to sit back down on thebench after the goal came but....as a result we losrt shape in the midfield just where we had been pressuring them from and it cost us dearly plus agree with Ron tici taca wasnt wanted in that last ten mins what was wanted was to run at a side and take men on when they were clearly nervous and NOT let them back into the game as we unfortunately did. By all means sing the praises of BR if thats what u want but dont get on others for not joining in the chorus with u...u have u opinion of the way the match went and others have theirs isnt that what this board is about ?

    • I understand the positive posts but I would like to temper some of that. It's one thing to play champagne, blood & guts football when you have nothing to lose. It's quite another to show spine & responsibility when the tie/prize/result is still alive.

      I watched the game on telly from France and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. That said, I thought one of the most significant things from the coverage was SG's interview beforehand. The bottom line is that, unless Liverpool get into the top four, the season has been a failure and is effectively over before the 1st March. To paraphrase the skipper, if you want to be a winner you can't dress the season up any other way. His tone - which I took to be somber, realistic and almost angry - is exactly what should be reflected throughout the club.

      My fear for next season is that, unless Liverpool can convince him that they are going places in the immediate future, Suarez will engineer a move. If our season is a failure with him, what would it have looked like without him?

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      • Paddy..didnt see Stevies interview but sounds a realistic view of the season to me..feel sure FSG will sell Suarez on end of season probably to City for 40 mill cant see him staying were out of Europe probably finishing 7th no silverware dumped out of FA cup by Oldham ...I want him to stay but dont trust FSG and for that matter dont trust BR either.

    • I agree with you, a really good effort, just not enough. But plenty of positives, Rodgers looked like he found some real passion and, most importantly, he got that passion across to the players. We need more home matches like that, full of passion, aggression and some good football.

    • To think at how magnificent that performance was, and how it could have actually ended up a run away victory if not for just one simple mistake by Carra who's been superb of late, and if not for the knee injury, Skrtel most likely had started..

      I thought that one single play aside, it was up there next to City as the best performance, and for those who've said we don't show enough fight or hang our heads when going down, and pin that on the manager, I don't think much can be said today, because those players literally ran themselves ragged and into the ground for 93" with a belief in themselves, each other, what they were doing and feeling that they could come back and win it.. Even as they ran out of gas, they were out of sight vs Zenit, and every single player who stepped onto the pitch was superb..

      I'm wondering if the ball going forward / attacking thing will come up after 3 straight goals and a one sided assault on Zenit's goal area for the entire match, with Joe Allen scoring a great goal, Assaidi showing some very impressive stuff when coming on, and of course BR still clinging to his job.. I hope we can keep those 3 a little longer..

      I'm not happy to be out of the cup, but I don't think we had enough squad depth without Sturridge/Coutinho/Borini available to go all the way, and it's likely that some players would have broken down with Thurs/Sunday fixtures. I haven't checked if mathematically we're eliminated from 4th, so I like to think we can, though it will take all sorts of luck, but 2 of those teams happen to still be in Europa, and 3 in front come to Anfield, and the 6 in front, all play each other, so points will be dropped and you'd like to think after these last two performances we will now see consistency starting with Wigan who have been a bogey hole for us, now reserved for West Brom..

      Unfortunate for the lads, but proud and graceful in defeat..