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  • colin colin Feb 22, 2013 15:36 Flag

    Rodgers substitutions

    Loki..agree 100% the subs at that time caused us to lose shape inthe midfield and allowed Zenith that bit more space to get their game going again...would have been better to sit those two lads back down and let the adrenalin of that third goal work its magic for the 11 lads out on the pitch at the time who had done such a great job of domination of the midfield and keeping Zenith under constant pressure...in short BIG MISTAKE.However well done the lads no disgrace in thumping this side 3.1 they are nobodys mugs a good side they proved that on their home turf.

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    • Isn't the end of that a slight contradiction? I mean if Zenit are nobody’s mugs, which I agree with, and we beat them 3-1, I'm not sure we could of made many if any Big Mistakes.

      The other point, and forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but from what you posted I read it was a great job by the lads, but not the manager, or maybe a great job despite the manager. I'm just curious as I know you've made up your mind on BR, although would like to be proven wrong, but if it’s his fault when a result goes against us, but the lads credit when the result goes for us, at what point if any can we give any credit to the gaffer?

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      • Good point Dave, you might be interested to take a look at the "Different take on Zenit games" thread to widen the discussion a bit. My point there, and here, is that for me the most damning statistic for LFC is a failure to score more from the record chances we´ve created. Do that, and no-one would care too hoots about substitutions, gaffs, formations, selections etc etc. Cure that one fault and we´d still be in the FA cup and fourth or better in the league. See the other thread for reasons.