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  • Loki Loki Feb 22, 2013 17:08 Flag

    A different take on the Zenit games

    To a certain extent I agree - scoring goals wins you matches, no conceding only guarantees you don't lose them. However, it's mistakes that are costing us, not necessarily fluffed chances. No team has 100% conversion. It's teams that make the least mistakes are the ones that do the best, and we just make too many. We cut those out (by getting better players) and we will have some team. I really believe we'll have a top 4 team next season, we are on an upward curve I don't care what anyone says, I see what I see!

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    • True Loki but I think we´ve created 503 chances in all competitions this season so far!
      If we´d scored one in five of those, we´d have 100 goals for. For me thats an easier thing to rectify than "we cut those (mistakes) out". It´s easier for me to up the score rate than avoid mistakes - which every human makes. As you said, no team has 100% conversion, but we need only to up the conversion ratio from around the current 10% to around 15%.to make a HUGE difference.Even with the mistakes we have made, that would put us in fourth or better.

      Of course, both are important but we are more wasteful in front of goal than we are in conceding. Wouldn´t you agree?

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      • There's an easy way you can up the conversion rate. Stop taking on so many shots from far out or silly angles. This 503 "chances" is really 503 shots. If your trigger point is currently 25 yards, then you can increase the conversion rate by making it 20 yards. But that means fewer shots. Or you can have even more shots if you let fly from 30 yards. Yahoo will applaud - they believe that the more shots you have the better your performance.

        And if you think I'm not saying anything useful, all I'm trying to do is highlight that the "500 shots" stat is not something to be impressed with. when my team run out of ideas you start seeing David Luiz having shots from thirty yards out. They all go in row Z. There's no chance of scoring but it increases the useless stat. And I think it's the same with you. Your high shots stat and low goals ratio from them seems to me saying that you run out of ideas in the last third. And that may be because your tacky ticky isn't fast enough or intricate enough to get through the defence.

        So just saying "wow, we make all these chances, all we need to do is put them away" is no more enlightening to me than saying "wow, there's 88 minutes in an average game we don't score in, all we have to do is reduce that to 86". You're not making chances, your just having hopeless shots.


      • To put a slightly different angle on this, we're not really looking at an apples to apples comparison if you’re looking at two options to focus on to improve the team.

        I say that because for the most part our mistakes have been of our own making, while our chances not converted are not converted for a number of reason, not just because we did not shoot as well as we could. No idea of the stats, but to do a better comparison you'd need to scrub that 503 chances list by taking out shots blocked, shots saved, or half chances, and really focus on when it was our player who could of and should have done better with the chance to have something material to actually coach to.

        On the other hand the mistakes, if of our own making, are things that can be directly addressed either by coaching, or if as Loki says, if the player is not good enough via recruitment. Drilling a back line can and does have an impact, and while I don't want a rigid back line I do want a more focused defense that knows what it needs to do in every situation because it’s done it 10 times or 100 times on the training ground

        Of course we want to do both, score more and defend better, but as an old maxim goes, scoring is often instinctive and you don't coach the very best, while defending is sheer hard work, and the more you practice the belter you get at it.

      • To be fair, I think we need to improve all departments. However, for me the priority is cutting out the mistakes. Think of the 2 mistakes in the city games which cost us 4 points and how much higher we would be in the league. I think we will improve over time, and it will be great when we don't have any cup tied players and I am confident the defensive additions we get in the summer will be of the highest order. The team is going to be very strong next year.

    • Loki hang on to Suarez for next season and I agre with u good shot at TOP 4 spot sell him and I dont trust FSG not to cash in for 40 mill and maybe to City and we are right back to square one with Borini and Sturidge up front...NO THANKS !