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  • Miguel Miguel Feb 22, 2013 16:36 Flag

    A different take on the Zenit games

    Whilst the focus has all been on Jamie´s gaff and Brendans substituions, I´d like us to remember that we spurned at least three clear chances in the away leg and managed only one goal in open play last night. Could I therefore suggest that the real reason we lost was down to an inability to put the ball in the net. Something we´ve been guilty of all season from the record number of chances this team have created. I believe we are something like second in all European leagues on chances created.

    For me, this is most encouraging. I think if we get Sturridge, Suarez, and a Borini replacement really going, we will be a hard team to defeat. Ok, so we need to sort out the defensive errors, but who cares if we concede if we are able to step up our conversion ratio just a few percent?

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    • I agree and disagree! Yes we have been wasteful at times this season...lots of times. I would have to say this was mostly pre-Sturridge, since then we have scored the most goals in the country as far as I am aware, it feels like we win 5-0, 3-0, 4-0 then lose 2-0 and go again. Under Kenny we created the most chances in premier league history and also hit the post the most times but scored a paltry amount of goals. The defence was more organised then though, perhaps the style of play? If you look at the league table you can see we have pretty much matched Arsenal and City for goals scored and better Spurs and Everton but the goals conceded section is a little worse then most. In fact our goal difference is Champions league qualification good enough just it seems the routs balance out the mistakes in big games.

      We need a centre back and a left back this summer, maybe even a goalkeeper too by the looks of things! I would be happy with Wisdom/Kelly as 4th/5th choice centre half but need an immediate compeition for Agger/Skrtel. The left back could be a younger lad but someone to compete with Enrique not understudy him. The keeper is going to need to be a major signing if indeed Pepe is to leave.

    • I think there is no question that we have been wasteful at times with the chances we create, and the away leg is was clear evidence of that. Additionally if we took more of the chances we created we might be better off not just in this competition but in all competitions. However, not sure I'd grumble that only one of our goals came from open play (just last week there were complaints we don't score enough from set plays on here). Fact is if the opposition deny us good chances by fouling, then us capitalizing on the subsequent free kick is just as much a sign of good attacking play as anything else. Think about the number of cynical yellows WBA pick up before they stole their goal and the 3 points. Credit to them, but it was a classic smash and grab: prevent your opponent from scoring by any means, and hope to nick a goal and the points.

      I do agree with you that with Sturridge available for all games and someone else (you know it could be a fit Borini who actually lives up to expectations next season) we could increase our scoring to chances percentage. But I think we do need to focus on the back this summer. Of course we are going to need to replace Carra, but for me we need to ring out the mistakes that have cost us this season.

      A few extra goals here or there might have turned some of those matches where we did not get the full points into victories, but as Jason has pointed out on a couple posts, relative to other clubs we're actually not doing that bad on that front (4th highest goal tally in the league), but conceding has been our weakness. Think about both the home and away fixtures against City and I think you'll see where I'm coming from.

    • To a certain extent I agree - scoring goals wins you matches, no conceding only guarantees you don't lose them. However, it's mistakes that are costing us, not necessarily fluffed chances. No team has 100% conversion. It's teams that make the least mistakes are the ones that do the best, and we just make too many. We cut those out (by getting better players) and we will have some team. I really believe we'll have a top 4 team next season, we are on an upward curve I don't care what anyone says, I see what I see!

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      • Loki hang on to Suarez for next season and I agre with u good shot at TOP 4 spot sell him and I dont trust FSG not to cash in for 40 mill and maybe to City and we are right back to square one with Borini and Sturidge up front...NO THANKS !

      • True Loki but I think we´ve created 503 chances in all competitions this season so far!
        If we´d scored one in five of those, we´d have 100 goals for. For me thats an easier thing to rectify than "we cut those (mistakes) out". It´s easier for me to up the score rate than avoid mistakes - which every human makes. As you said, no team has 100% conversion, but we need only to up the conversion ratio from around the current 10% to around 15%.to make a HUGE difference.Even with the mistakes we have made, that would put us in fourth or better.

        Of course, both are important but we are more wasteful in front of goal than we are in conceding. Wouldn´t you agree?