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  • colin colin Feb 22, 2013 21:10 Flag

    FFP...and how to avoid its penalties.

    Since I first heard about this FFP system it ocurred to me that the big boys will all easily find their way around it and if anyone on the board cares to read all about it just check what its rumoured UniTURD intend to do in relation to FFP in order to circumvent any penalties via FFP if they can sign Christiano Ronaldo .Simply have him sign his contract with one of their principal sponsors thus having him become an employee of them and neither bought nor paid wages by UniTURD..HA ha ha ...so much for the toothless and maybe even gumless FFP as Id posted up here numerous times previously but many seem to think differently about FFP than I do but clearly UniTURD are more in lijne with my thinking than some on this board.

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    • United are not threatened by FFP and wouldn't be even if they were paying Ronaldo. The three clubs mostly threatened by FFP in the Prem are, in order of bad finances in the last few years: City, Chelsea, Liverpool.


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      • If UniTURD are not threatened by FFP how come all the talk of how they can find a way around signing Ronaldo by having him bought and paid for and contracted to eg owned by one of their sponsors? This was officially anarticle on Yahoo Sport just yesterday. The point I was making is that FFP will as Ive stated for many months now be absolutely toothless whenit comes up against the creative accountancy firms the BIG BOYS all employ. Only way around it would be for FFP to be constantly updated daily to try and plug the many loopholes the BIG boys will drive double decker buses through. No idea why u think everyone is naive enough to "playfair" ?

      • Based on the information we currently have I'd say your right Robert, and it’s well illustrated by the link:


        Rank by cash flow and you've got a pretty good proxy to measure the order of who is, or who should be concerned about FFP.

        However this is based on dated information (2010-11 financial statements) and the picture might be very different for some clubs now. We don't know for sure, but for example Chelsea turned a profit for the first time in years, so your concern might be a little more relaxed, and we all know our wage bill has come down dramatically in the last 12 months or so.

        On the other side QPR are not listed here and may not be in danger of qualifying for Europe, but will still be subject to the domestic version of FFP whatever that is, and we all know they've been spending like drunken sailors and I can't image they have a huge income with a gate of less than 25K per match. I'd also be curious on where Spurs are right now. This report shows them very healthy; however they've been spending like a CL club for the last several seasons, but have not got the CL income each and every one of those seasons.