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  • mel n...totally agree mate. Think Suarez will be gone end of season hope not the owners must do EVERYTHING possible to hang on to this genius...have to say that second goal of his was probably finest free kick Ive ever seen ! If he does leave be sure it will be down to FSG simply wanting to cash in on a 18 mill squid profit and their money they laid out for him back intheir back bin.

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    • Colin, I just don't understand why you think the owners want to rape and pillage the club in view of the money they've forked out over the last couple of seasons. A lot of that money has been 'wasted' on players no longer at the club. Don't forget as well, they always allow players to be brought in before others are shifted on too, which is a pretty firm financial commitment. When you're worth £500 million, why take 18 million? It's not going to enhance your lifestyle is it? I can't understand people who think that footy is some huge cash cow, it's not, particularly if your not a successful club and need to spend money to become successful and indeed maintain that success.

      You keep saying they just want the money. What is your evidence? You'll have to do better than 'Its just a feeling I have' mate!

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      • Suarez will only be tempted by Barca or Real Madrid in my opinion, I think City could happen but is much less likely. If he says he wants to go then the club has to either convince him or get the highest possible fee for him ot leave the league. The thing about money grabbing owners is nonsense, a champions league qualifying season is worth in excess of £40m by itself, you only need have a look at Chelsea's matchday revenues from last season to see that, to make a £25m profit on the guy that is the biggest key to the regular cash cow would be terrible business. In Andy Carroll alone we have an £80k per week player with a £12-18m price tag we will be chopping in to strengthen the squad. Keeping Luis Suarez will involve a good finish to the season and showing him our plans for summer improvements, I am sure his partnership with Sturridge is starting to cheer him up!

      • Loki...18 mill profit isnt chump change mate even u are wsorth 500 mill. OK heres an example of greed on the part of owners Blackpool FC owned by Oyston Family Chairman Karl Oyston...what happened to all the cash they earned from being promoted that seaon what happened to all the cash from the parachute payments they earned ?...heres u answer 23 mill of Parachute payments was all pocketed by the Oyston Family who I quote put into unrelated business accounts to avoid any excessive taxation ..not seen since. Likewise withthe promotion money...not seen since and check out how much they have actually spent and look how much they want for Tom Ince the Oyston Family is worth what FSG are worth but it doesnt stop them eh ? BTW Blackpool FC is one of the most solvent clubs in the Football League...so as u can see Blackpool FC is indeed where the Oyston Family is concerned a HUGE CASH COW. I am aware Blackpool FC IS NOT LFC ...but greed is the principal reason that people become involved as owners these days and its naive to think otherwise...18 mill profit on Suarez and their original layout of 22 mill back in their pocket for business-men these are the things that make sense. btw what about letting Andy C go before having bought cover for him ? Shoots u claim down doesnt it ? BUT...even that debacle makes sense when u look at it from their standpoint saved Andy C wages for the season plus get a 3 mill bonus on the LOAN FEE. Plus save another top strikers wages until Jan until Sturridge signed...and simply rely on Suarez TO DO IT ALL FOR US. No I dont trust the owners does that make me less of a Liverpool FC fan than u ?

      • btw...dou think FSG are involved to LOSE money as a result of their LOVE for our club...they are hard headed business people who have sussed an excellent refuge for their money in difficult financial times in the Franchise LFC.